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Bethnal Green

Love Shack (Vegan)

7 minute walk

Listed as vegan on the menu

298 - 299 Cambridge Heath Road, London, E2 9HA

Monday - Thursday 0700 - 2200; Friday - Saturday 0700 - 0100; Sunday 0800 - 2200 

Vegan starters available

Main Menu:

  • I love lambs kebab - seekh style braised organic soya chunks, rainbow kraut slaw, gherkin, lemon onions, garlic mayo, fried courgette and pepper, wrapped in a tortilla, served with chips (available GF)

  • Magical mushroom risotto 

  • Tabbou love - buckwheat and cavolo negro kale, curly parsley, tomato, lemon, olive oil, green goddess tahini dressing and vegan feta

Weekend Brunch:

  • Glory bowl - smoothie bowl, topped with seasonal fruits, banana, peanut butter, cacao nibs, granola, almond flakes, and raisins (GF)

  • McLovin - sage and onion sausage terrine, with egg fried tofu and garlic butter, served in a toasted English muffin, with garlic mayo

  • Love stack - banana cinnamon buckwheat pancakes, with peanut butter, jam, maple syrup and fresh fruit

  • Lil love - toasted bread with spinach, fried mushrooms, scrambled akee, and slow roasted tomato (available GF)

  • Whole lotta love - sausage terrine, chipotle braised black beans, scrambled akee, spinach, fried mushrooms, slow roasted tomato, toasted french bread and a hash brown

Young Vegans Pizza (Vegan Pizza)

4 minute walk

Listed as vegan on the menu

393 Cambridge Heath Road, London, E2 9RA

Monday - Friday 1700 - 2200; Saturday - Sunday 1200 - 2200

Vegan desserts available 

  • Devils coglioni - seitan pepperoni, vegan mozzarella, marinara sauce and fresh basil

  • Dead Barbie - seitan chicken, vegan mozzarella, BBQ sauce, and green onions

  • Smoke house - smoked mushrooms, capers, pine nut puree, vegan mozzarella and marinara sauce

  • The godfather - vegan nduja, red onions, spinach, oregano, vegan mozzarella and marinara sauce

  • Filthy weekend - seitan ham, pineapple, vegan mozzarella, spring onions and marinara sauce

  • Holy ghost - whipped ricotta, red onions, spinach, vegan mozzarella, marinara sauce, and oregano

  • Blood drive - kalamata olives, samphire, garlic, marinara sauce, and fresh basil

  • Butt naked - vegan mozzarella, marinara sauce, and fresh basil

Korean BBQ & Vegan (Korean)

10 minute walk

5 Mile End Road, London, E1 4TP

Monday: Closed; Tuesday - Sunday 1700 - 2200

Vegan starters available

  • Vegan kimchi bokkeumbap

  • Stir-fried kimchi with rice and vegetables, garnished with spring onions and roasted seaweed

  • Vegan yaki-soba/udon - stir fried thin noodles with vegetables, and sweet and savoury sauce

  • Vegan yache bibimbap - rice with seasoned mixed vegetables and Korean spicy sauce

  • Vegan jab chase - stir fried glass noodles with mixed vegetables and sweet soy sauce

  • Vegan crispy tofu teriyaki - fried tofu slices with teriyaki sauce, served with stir-fried mixed vegetables

  • Vegan soondubu jjigae - spicy silken tofu soup, with mixed vegetables, served with steamed rice

Fast Food/Cafes

The Gallery Cafe (Vegan)

4 minute walk

St Margaret’s House, 21 Old Ford Road, London, E2 9PL

Monday - Friday 0800 - 1800; Saturday 0900 - 1800; Sunday 0900 - 1800 (Kitchen hours)

Vegan desserts available


  • Full English: Vegan Sausage, hash browns, baked beans, mushrooms, scrambled tofu and sourdough toast

  • Superfood breakfast bowl - oats, puff quinoa, brazil nuts, almonds, raisins, apricots, cranberries, goji berries, hemp milk, coconut yoghurt, and topped with chia seeds, berries and seasonal fruit (GF)

  • Pancakes - stack of pancakes with a choice of: Lemon and sugar; Banana, chocolate sauce and peanut butter; or bananas, seasonal fruit and agave syrup 

  • Avocado on toast - with sundried tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, mixed seeds, chilli flakes, fresh rocket, pesto and balsamic vinegar reduction

  • Porridge - oats and hemp milk, winter fruit, and toasted almonds (GF)

Lunch and Dinner:

  • The gallery cafe burger - avocado brioche bun, aioli, lettuce, tomatoes, beetroot and black bean patty, seasonal pickle, crispy onions and cheese. Choice of side salad with vinaigrette OR chunky chips with Creole seasoning (GF without the bun)

  • Falafel wrap or falafel salad - harissa hummus, tzatziki, marinated cabbage, mixed leaves, served with Lebanese bread (GF as a salad)

  • Avocado on toast - with sundried tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, mixed seeds, chilli flakes, fresh rocket, pesto and balsamic vinegar reduction

  • Seitan goujons - homemade seitan strips coated in Cajun spiced breadcrumbs and homemade sriracha mayonnaise. Served with chips or side salad

  • Chips with curry sauce - topped with Queen's Bombay nuts, mango chutney, fresh coriander and chili (GF)

  • Margherita pizza - with tomato sauce, vegan mozzarella and fresh basil

  • Pizza special of the day

  • Changing daily specials

  • Changing daily sandwiches


The Larder (Vegetarian Cafe)

4 minute walk

241-243 Globe Road, Bethnal Green, London, E2 0JD

Monday - Friday 0800 - 1900; Saturday - Sunday 0900 - 1700

  • Mexican breakfast (Weekends only) - avocado mash and homemade baked beans on sourdough toast, served with fresh spinach and tomato salsa

  • Vegan stack - roasted pepper and grilled aubergine stack on freekeh pilaf, basil and tomato sauce, with toast

  • West African style peanut and sweet potato stew - with peppers, served with rice

  • Falafel wrap - with peppers, served with rice

  • Toast - with avocado and lime (available GF)

  • Toast - with avocado and tomato (available GF)

  • Toast - with harissa hummus, and heritage tomato (available GF)

  • Buddha bowl - with peppers, served with rice

  • Autumn harvest salad - wild rice, kale, sweet potato and squash, with apple, almonds and pecans in an oriental dressing


The Canary (Vegetarian/Vegan Cafe)

7 minute walk

61-63 Bethnal Green Road, London, E2 6QA

Monday - Tuesday: Closed; Wednesday - Friday 0830 - 2000; Saturday 0930 - 2000; Sunday 0930 - 1800

Vegan cakes also available

  • Vegan BLT sandwich

  • Cumin Burger

  • Portobello mushrooms with tararin and date chutney sandwich

  • Roasted butternut squash with red onion jam and roasted chestnut sandwich 


The Hive (Health Cafe)

10 minute walk

286-290 Cambridge Heath Road, corner of Vyner street, London, E2 9DA

Monday - Friday 0800 - 1600; Saturday 0900 - 1600; Sunday 1000 - 1600 (Kitchen hours for vegan food)

Vegan desserts available

  • Bircher muesli - with coconut yoghurt, blueberries, and blueberry compote

  • Avocado on toast - on sourdough, with chili jam and sumac

  • Tempeh toastie

  • The hive burger - mushroom, courgette, and pumpkin seed burger, chutney, coleslaw, and rocket, on slow fermented sourdough bread

Nandos (Fast Food Chicken)

6 minute walk

366 Bethnal Green Road, London, E2 0AH

Monday - Sunday 1130 - 2130 

Vegan starters available

  • The great imitator wrap - vegan chicken made from pea protein. Served with plant-based garlic perinaise, lettuce and chilli jam


The Star of Bethnal Green (Pub)

6 minute walk

359 Bethnal Green Road, London, E2 6LG

Monday - Thursday 1600 - 0000; Friday 1600 - 0200; Saturday 1200 - 0200; Sunday 1200 - 0200

Monday - Saturday:

  • Vegan burger - homemade fragrant lentil and seasonal veg, mixed nuts, panko coated patty, crushed avocado, lettuce, beef tomato, vegan cheese, walnut pesto served in a multi seeded vegan bun


  • Vegan roast - vegetarian nut roast, chard aubergine puree, seasonal veg, stuffed capsicum, roasted red onion and gravy


The Approach Tavern (Bar)

8 minute walk

47 Approach Road, London, E2 9LY

Monday - Saturday 1200 - 2300; Sunday 1200 - 2230

Vegan starters and dessert available

  • Always have one vegan main dish, changes daily

Dessert Venues

Organic Livity (Vegan, Sugar Free Patisserie)

10 minute walk

48 Mowlem Road, London, E2 9DR

Monday - Friday 0930 - 1700; Saturday - Sunday 1000 - 1800

  • Range of vegan cakes and desserts

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