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Blackhorse Road
Market Stalls

The Green Grill (Vegan Market Stall)

11 minute walk

CRATE Building, 35 St James Street, London, E17 7FY

Monday - Sunday 1300 - 2130

  • Red devil burger - sweet potato, and red kidney bean, and coriander, roasted red pepper, cheez, homemade sriracha mayo, and a red beetroot bun

  • Green monster burger - peas, broccoli, red bell pepper, and sundried tomato patty, cheez, garlic and basil aioli, pickled red cabbage, and lettuce, in a green matcha bun 

  • Mighty meaty burger - soy based patty, red onion, tomato, lettuce, gherkins, cheez, secret burger sauce and a black charcoal bun

  • Only jerking burger - black bean burger, with fried plantain, spicy jerk sauce, mango mayo slaw, cheez and shredded lettuce

  • Chkn shish wrap - chargrilled chkn, lemon and coriander hummus, tomatoes, red onion, cucumber, lettuce, pickled cabbage, chili sauce and vegan garlic aioli 

  • Chkn bites - with dipping sauce

  • Classic vdawg - Italian seitan sausage, sauerkraut, fried onion, mustard, and ketchup, in a turmeric bun

  • Spicy kimchi dawg - spicy Italian seitan sausage, Korean kimchi, and hot sauce, in a beetroot bun

  • Sloppy Joel - spiced seitan sausage, homemade bolognese, cheez sauce, and fresh parsley

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