Saint Pizza (Pizza)

9 minute walk

18 Bohemia Place, London, E8 1DU

Monday - Tuesday: Closed; Wednesday - Friday 1700 - 2330; Saturday 1500 - 2330; Sunday: 1500 - 2130

  • Marga pizza - tomato and cheese 

  • Funghi pizza - tomatoes, cheese and mushrooms

  • Roma pizza -  capers, olives, sun-dried tomatoes, cheese and tomato

  • Regi pizza - no cheese, tomato, roast potatoes, and rosemary

  • Spicy pizza - tomato, cheese, onions and peppers

  • Calabria pizza - tomato, cheese, vegan ’nduja, and rocket

  • Carne pizza - seitan salami, seitan nduja, cheese and tomatoes

  • Los pollos pizza - cheese, onions, tomato and seitan chicken

  • Mr white pizza - spinach, courgette and cheese

  • Aloo palak pizza - spinach, potatoes, cheese and cumin

  • Salad - with spinach, tomato, roast potatoes, vegan chicken, and vegan sausage


Yard Sale Pizza (Pizza)

11 minute walk

105 Lower Clapton Road, London, E5 0NP

Monday: 1700 - 2200; Tuesday - Thursday 1700 - 2300; Friday - Saturday 1200 - 2300; Sunday 1200 - 2200

  • V dilla pizza - guindilla chillies, garlic oil, red onion and vegan parmesan

  • Magic mushroom - vegan mozzarella, garlic oil, truffle oil, roasted mushrooms, vegan parmesan, and black pepper (no tomato)

  • Vegan American hot pizza - with tomato sauce, vegan mozzarella, seitan pepperoni, and guindilla chillies

Black Cat Cafe (Vegan Cafe)

 8 minute walk

76 Clarence Road, London, E5 8HB

Monday 1200-2100;  Tuesday: Closed; Wednesday - Friday 1200-2100; Saturday - Sunday 1100-2000  

  • Beef style burger: seitan, soya mince & fresh herb patty, topped with mayo, gherkins, tomatoes. Served with salad and home-made chips

  • BBQ Tofu sandwich - slowly baked tofu marinated in homemade bbq sauce, bay leaves, coriander seeds, and fresh chilies. Served on sourdough ciabatta with herby mayo and pickled onions

  • Pancake - chickpea flour batter with roasted vegetables and fresh herbs

  • Curry - special curry paste with loads of dry spices, pulses and seasonal vegetables. Served with steamed rice, yoghurt and mint sauce, and an onion bhaji 

  • Lasagne - onion, carrot and garlic base with Italian chopped tomatoes and soya mince, red wine, yeast extract, and fresh herbs all slow cooked and topped with Black Cat’s cheesy white sauce

  • Daily salad specials

  • Daily sandwich specials 

  • Daily other main specials


Temple of Hackney (Vegan Fast Food)

9 minute walk

12 Morning Lane, London, E9 6NA

Monday - Saturday 1200 - 2100; Sunday 1200 - 1800

  • Temple burger - vegan fillet, Ranch mayo, vegan bacon, vegan cheese, lettuce, and pickles

  • Spicy temple burger - vegan fillet, chipotle mayo, coleslaw, vegan cheese, jalapenos, and Sriracha

  • Nashville hot burger - hot Dipped vegan fillet, vegan ranch mayo, lettuce, and pickles

  • Temple deluxe burger - ¼ pound patty, burger sauce, cheese, vegan bacon, lettuce and pickles

  • BBQ bacon burger - ¼ pound patty, vegan mayo, cheese, vegan bacon, pickles, and house BBQ sauce

  • Temple cheeseburger - ¼ pound patty, mustard, ketchup, cheese, onions, and pickles

  • Twist wrap - two strips, lettuce, tomato, and vegan lemon pepper mayo (available GF)

  • Two piece - two vegan fillets (Original or Hot), plus your choice of vegan mayo

  • Wings - four wings (original, hot dipped, buffalo or BBQ), plus your choice of vegan mayo (available GF)

  • Popcorn bites

  • Animal snack pack - fries loaded with cheese, onions, pickles, bacon, and burger sauce

  • Doner snack pack - fries loaded with grilled chicken, garlic mayo, BBQ, and chili sauce


Sutton and Sons (Fish and Chip Restaurant)

8 minute walk

218 Graham Road, London E8 1BP

Monday - Thursday 1200 - 2200; Friday - Saturday 1200 - 2230; Sunday 1200 - 2200

Vegan starters available

  • Vegan Banana blossom ‘fish’

  • Tofish

  • Vegan ‘Scampi’

  • Jumbo vegan sausage

  • Jumbo battered sausage

  • Vegan Steak and Ale pie

  • Vegan ‘chicken’ burger

  • Vegan ‘fish’ burger

  • Vegan classic cheese and ‘bacon’ burger


Lele’s (Vegan Cafe)

10 minute walk

50 Lower Clapton Road, London, E5 0RN

Monday - Friday 0800 - 1800; Saturday - Sunday 0900 - 1700

Vegan starters and desserts available


  • Sweet porridge - topped with hot maple syrup butter, sliced banana, blueberries, crunchy almond flakes and chia seeds

  • Pancakes - buckwheat Pancakes topped w/maple syrup, fresh strawberries, sliced banana, toasted almond flakes and chia seeds (GF)

  • French toast - topped with summer fruit compote, coconut cream, peanut butter, toasted almond flakes and chia seeds (available GF)

  • Toast - with peanut butter, banana, cinnamon, cocoa nibs and chia seeds (available GF)

  • Toasted chocolate banana bread - topped with coconut yoghurt, blueberries and maple syrup

  • Green field salad - roasted zucchini, chickpea, blood orange, fennel, radish, tomatoes, with a parsley,  olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic dressing

  • Summer salad - giant couscous, red onions, vegan cheese, roasted aubergine, parsley, fresh chilli, tomatoes, olive oil, salt, pepper, and balsamic vinegar

  • Variety of vegan sandwiches (available GF)

  • “Cheese” and tomato toastie - melted plant-based cheese and oregano-sprinkled tomato, with an olive oil, salt & pepper dressing (available GF)

  • Vegan cheddar and mushroom toastie - with vegusto vegan cheddar and garlic mushroom (available GF)

  • Avo on toast - sourdough toast w/ smashed avocado, roast aubergine, coriander, pomegranate seeds and fresh mint sauce (available GF)

  • Happy Zz toast - with scrambled tofu with herb-roasted tomatoes and avocado on toasted sourdough (available GF)

  • Marmit avo toast - with smashed avocado, pumpkin seeds, tahini sauce, lemon juice, micro herbs and fresh rocket (available GF)

  • Lele’s full English breakfast - garlic mushrooms and baked beans, red peppers, sourdough toast, roast oregano tomatoes, butter spring greens, crunchy paprika flax seeds, and vegusto sausage, with homemade spicy balsamic ketchup

  • Lele’s nourish bowl - pan fried garlic mushrooms, scrambled tofu, avocado, rocket, kale, aubergine, fresh tomato, mixed seeds, micro herbs, lemon and olive oil 

  • Special of the day - served with 2 salads

  • Pancake breakfast - avocado, roasted tomatoes, creamy scrambled tofu, two sausages and onion pickle


  • Slow cooked bolognese (available GF)

  • Pistachio di Bronte pesto pasta - with basil, almonds, and extra virgin olive oil (available GF)

  • Carbonara with tofu pancetta (available GF)

  • Beyond meat burger - in a brioche bun with cheese, tomato, lettuce, mayonnaise and pickles, served with rosemary fries

  • Lele’s nourish bowl - pan fried garlic mushrooms, scrambled tofu, avocado, rocket, kale, aubergine, fresh tomato, mixed seeds, micro herbs, lemon and olive oil 

  • Thai green curry with tofu - with lime, ginger, seasonal veg, and lemongrass, served with jasmine rice

  • Catch of the day - served with seasonal greens and all the trimmings


Wave - We Are Vegan Everything (Vegan Cafe)

11 Dispensary Lane, London, E8 1FT

Monday - Friday 0800 - 1800; Saturday 0900 - 1800; Sunday 1000 - 1600

Vegan desserts available

  • Mac and cheese - with coconut bacon, crispy onions, black sesame seeds, and nutritional yeast

  • Scrambled tofu - with turmeric, chives, chili flakes, nutritional yeast and mixed seeds

  • ‘Salmon bagel’ - marinated carrots in a cream cheese bagel, with smoked salt, dill, black sesame seeds, and watercress

  • The classic half - organic sourdough, stuffed with sliced tomatoes, spinach, house made pesto, cheddar cheese, sriracha and sprinkled with seeds

  • Pancakes - topped with cream, syrup and cinnamon

  • Acai bowl - with coconut milk, granola, flax seeds, white sesame seeds, coconut flakes and banana

Filthy Buns @The Three Compasses (Pub)

7 minute walk

99 Dalston Lane, London, E8 1NH

Monday - Friday 1730 - 2130; Saturday 1300 - 2200; Sunday 1300 - 1900

  • Keep it simple - plant based patty, red pepper ketchup, white miso sauce, cheezze slice, rocket, sweet house pickles, and crispy onions

  • The vegan wrist slap - plant based patty, wrist slap sauce, cheezze slice, yellow mustard, sweet house pickles, and diced white onion

  • Chickenish gam biscoff - crunchy chiq-fillet, biscoffy peanut butter, crispy “bacon”, gem lettuce, white miso sauce, pickled pink shallots, crispy onions, and bourbon bbq sauce

  • Tofu fighting - crispy miso tofu, katsu curry ketchup, sweet & sour slaw, white miso sauce, rocket. sour chillies, crispy onions,  and coriander

  • Doner does Dalston - plant based patty, white slaw, green salad, sour chillies, garlic sauce, chilli sauce, and crispy onions

  • Jerked off filthy fries - jerk spiced fries, spicy red pepper ketchup, sour chillies, and crispy onions

Baxter’s Court (Wetherspoons Pub)

10 minute walk

282-284 Mare Street, London, E8 1HE

Monday - Sunday 0800 - 0000

Vegan starters available


  • Vegan breakfast - two Quorn vegan sausages, baked beans, two hash browns, mushroom, tomato, slice of toast, and vegan spread

  • Fresh fruit - apple, banana, blueberries, and strawberries

  • English muffin - with avocado, guacamole and pico de gallo

Main Menu:

  • Jacket potato with baked beans - served with a side salad

  • Jacket potato with 5 bean chili - served with a side salad

  • Jacket potato with roasted vegetables - served with a side salad

  • Quinoa salad - with rice, avocado, black turtle beans, pink cabbage, grilled yellow pepper, Roquito pepper, pumpkin seeds, kale, roasted vegetables and dressing

  • Vegan roasted vegetable pizza - with mushroom, roasted peppers, courgette, onion and basil

  • Vegan burger - with chips

  • Gourmet vegan burger - with avocado, salsa, rocket, and served with chips

  • 5 bean chili - with rice and tortilla chips

  • Sweet potato, chickpea, and spinach curry - with pilau rice, naan bread, and poppadoms

  • *Vegan on request* Vegan sausages, chips and beans

Cake or Death (Vegan Bakery)

10 minute walk

73 Dalston Lane, London, E8 2NG

Monday - Friday: Closed; Saturday 1000 - 1500; Sunday: Closed

  • Vegan cakes and brownies

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