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Imperial Wharf

Santa Maria Pizzeria (Pizza)

10 minute walk

94 Waterford Road, London, SW6 2HA

Monday – Sunday 1200 – 2230

  • Santa Maria pizza – tomato sauce, garlic, and oregano

  • Vegan santa margherita - with tomato sauce, mozzarella, garlic and oregano

  • Sant’andrea - cream of potato and onions in soy milk, with red and yellow peppers, portobello mushrooms and olives

  • Vegan San Filipo pizza - tomato sauce, vegan mozzarella, peppers, courgettes, and aubergines

  • San tommaso pizza - walnut cream base, rocket, cherry tomatoes, grilled marinated aubergines and walnuts

  • San pasquale pizza - walnut cream base, melanzane a funghetto, and green and black olives

  • San Diego pizza - pumpkin cream base, wild rocket, grilled aubergines, grilled courgette, and cherry tomatoes

  • San martino pizza - folded pizza filled with melanzane a funghetto, peppers, olives, capers, and tomato sauce

  • Saint Angelo pizza - vegan mozzarella, mushrooms, wild broccoli, peppers, olives, capers and tomato sauce


Pizza Express (Pizza)

20 minutes walk

46-54 Battersea Bridge Road, London, SW11 3AG

Monday - Friday 1130 - 2300; Saturday 1130 - 2330; Sunday 1130 - 2230

Vegan starters and dessert available

  • Vegan zucca pizza - butternut squash purée with chilli, sage, garlic and rosemary roast potatoes, sweet Peppadew peppers, spinach, garlic oil, balsamic, rosemary and pine kernels, topped with rocket and chilli oil on a Romana base

  • Vegan giardiniera pizza - artichoke, mushrooms, red onion and black olives, with tomato, vegan mozzarella, garlic oil and parsley on a Romana base

  • Calzone verdure - roasted peppers, aubergine and courgette with spinach, smoky tomato harissa, hot chilli, tomato with garlic, topped with rosemary. Served with salad and balsamic dressing

  • *Vegan on request* Margherita pizza - mozzarella and tomato on a Romana base

  • *Vegan on request* Funghi di bosco pizza - portobello mushrooms, garlic, tomato, parsley and cheese

  • *Vegan on request* Padana pizza - goat’s cheese, caramelised onion, spinach, red onion, tomato and garlic oil on a Romana base

  • *Vegan on request* Veneziana pizza - pine kernels, red onion, capers, black olives, sultanas, mozzarella and tomato on a Romana base

  • Leggera peperonata - penne pasta with roasted mixed peppers, passata, rosemary, chilli flakes, garlic, rocket and parsley

Fast Food/Cafes

Juice Baby (Vegan Juice Bar)

16 minute walk

398 Kings Road, London, SW10 0LJ

Monday - Saturday 0800 - 1900; Sunday 0900 - 1900

Vegan desserts available


  • Acai berry bowl - with banana, dates, and almond butter

  • Acai verde - with banana, dates, almond butter, and spirulina

  • Cacao acai - with banana, dates and almond butter

  • Chia berry parfait - almond chia pudding, cinnamon cashew cream, chia raspberry compote, coconut chips, and fresh fruit

  • Avocado toast - with homemade chili oil, and mustard seeds (available GF)


  • Holy kale salad - curly kale, avocado, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds, sesame seeds, olive oil, lemon juice, salt, and a choice of dressing

  • Taco bowl - walnut taco mix, quinoa, lettuce, avocado, tamari, tomato, red onion, garlic, coriander, spices, lime, olive oil, salt and a choice of dressing

  • Yam yam bowl - curly kale, quinoa, sweet potato, butternut squash, chia seeds, paprika, almonds, pecans, brazil nuts, tamari, olive oil, maple syrup, lemon juice, black pepper, salt, with a choice of salad dressing 

  • Soba noodles - marinated buckwheat and courgetti noodles, with shredded carrot, steamed broccoli, fresh chili, and sesame seeds, served with a choice of salad dressing

  • Backyard bowl - slow roasted mediterranean vegetables, tri colour quinoa, cos lettuce and toasted almond flakes, served with a choice of dressing

  • Lean and green - curly kale, green peas, cucumber, shredded courgette, spring onion, hemp seeds, with a choice of salad dressing

  • Coco BLT sandwich - cashew mayo, cos lettuce, tomato, smoked BBQ coconut, and avocado, served on an organic ciabatta roll

  • Roast veg and pesto aioli sandwich - served on an organic ciabatta roll

  • Sunflower tuna melt sandwich - with rocket, cheesy cashew cream, and red onion, served on an organic ciabatta roll

  • Daily hot pot - changing special, served with brown rice (GF)

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