Comptoir V (Vegan Middle Eastern)

2 minute walk

1 Keslake Gardens, 12 Station Terrace, London, NW10 5RU

Monday - Sunday 1200 - 2300

Vegan desserts available

  • *Small Plate* Sumac dusted cucumber batons

  • *Small Plate* Marinated Moroccan olives (GF)

  • *Small Plate* Spicy beetroot hummus - chickpea puree with tahini, beetroot, and fresh chili peppers (GF)

  • *Small Plate* Hummus beiruti - hummus with tomatoes, onion, parsley and red chillies (GF)

  • *Small Plate* Turmeric hummus - chickpea puree with garlic, olive oil, turmeric and ground black pepper (GF)

  • *Small Plate* Hummus trio - with Morrocan bread (available GF)

  • *Small Plate* Caramalised onions and chickpeas - with Moroccan cinnamon, fresh turmeric, & coconut sugar (GF)

  • *Small Plate* Falafel - croquettes of broad beans and chickpeas, with traditional herbs and spices (GF)

  • *Small Plate* Sauteed Moroccan spinach - cooked with preserved lemons and chickpeas

  • *Small Plate* Aubergine zaalouk - cooked with fresh tomatoes and Moroccan herbs and spices (GF)

  • *Small Plate* Adis - slow cooked Moroccan lentils with traditional herbs and spices (GF)

  • *Small Plate* Curried chickpeas - cooked with turmeric in a flavoured rich sauce (GF)

  • *Small Plate* Mini patty - 3 mini mixed vegetable patties with jerk burger sauce

  • *Small Plate* Jackfruit nuggets - served with garlic spiced glaze (GF)

  • *Small Plate* Dynamite shrimp - tempura battered vegan shrimp in sriracha aioli

  • Almond and kale salad - with orange blossom

  • Date and walnut salad - roasted sweet potato, dates, walnuts, cherry tomatoes, carrots, olives, and mixed leaves, with house dressing (GF)

  • Loaded falafel salad - falafel, quinoa, carrots, cherry tomatoes, beetroot, olives, and mixed leaves, in a tahini and maple dressing (GF)

  • Moroccan buddha bowl - aubergine zaalouk, sauteed spinach, curried chickpeas, spiced sweet potato, caramalised onion, quinoa, and pumpkin seeds (GF)

  • Magic mushroom burger - whole portobello mushroom, cooked in tangy tomato sauce, with lettuce, tomato, cheese, and herb mayo

  • It’s no jerk burger - three bean jerk patty, cheese, island jerk mayo and bbq sauce

  • Kentucky fried jack burger - battered jackfruit, red onions, melted cheese, creamy mayo, red chutney and shredded lettuce

  • Khadija’s moroccan special - changing daily

  • The aunty esi - roti styled caribbean curried chickpeas, with homemade ghife bread

  • Spiced island curry - sweet potato, spinach, lentils and turmeric, with festive rice (GF)

  • Return of the mac - battered mushroom ribs, house cashew mac n cheese, steamed garlic kale, in a herbed carrot and squash puree (GF)

  • Kofta tagine - mixed bean and mushroom ‘meatballs’, baked in a rich tomato and roasted peppers sauce with parmesan, served with bread

Paradise Plantbased (Vegan Restaurant)

2 minute walk

59 Chamberlayne Road, London, NW10 3ND

Monday - Friday 0900 - 1700; Saturday - Sunday 0900 - 1800

Vegan desserts available

  • All day paradise breakfast - homemade sunseed sausages, ‘egge’ ackee, avocado, mushrooms, tomatoes, baked beans and sourdough

  • Chickpea omelette - with mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach, avocado and ‘eggy’ cashew sauce *option to add vegan cheese* (GF)

  • Bagel and beans - mixed beans, mushrooms tomatoes, avocado, cashew cheese and coconut ‘bacon’ on a wholemeal bagel

  • Classic avo on toast - with tomatoes and chili

  • Bali smoothie bowl - thick berry or cacao smoothie with fruit, berries, nuts, seeds, and sprinkles

  • Apple pancakes - with berries and chocolate sauce

  • Cinnamon bagel - with coconut butter and raspberry smash

  • Paradise raw pizza - dehydrated tomato base with pesto, cashew cheese, veggies, olives and marinated mushrooms, served on a bed of greens

  • Raw lasagne - courgette layers with avocado, tomato, marinated mushrooms, papaya, cashew cheese, and marinara sauce, served with greens

  • Nice guys burger - quinoa and aubergine patty with mozzarella, tomato, avo, cashew cheese, grilled aubergine, fried onion, and green salad

  • Posh mac-no-cheese - spelt pasta smothered in a cheesy cashew and sweet potato sauce, served with vegan cheese, coconut bacon and greens

  • Buddha bowl - pick and mix from salads at the deli counter

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