Mildred’s (Vegetarian Restaurant)

6 minute walk

200 Pentonville Road, London, N1 9JP

Monday - Friday 1200 - 2300; Saturday 1000 - 2300; Sunday 1000 - 2200

Vegan starters and dessert available 


  • Chocolate cherry waffle - sour cherries, chocolate sauce, vanilla ice cream, and almond brittle

  • The big vegan brunch - scrambled tofu, vegan sausage, slow roasted tomato, oak smoked house beans, roasted tarragon mushroom, and toasted sourdough

  • *Vegan on request* Middle Eastern mezze -  chargrilled aubergine, clarence court poached eggs, slow roasted tomato, hummus and rose harissa, baby spinach, and pita bread

  • BLT - aubergine 'bacon', lettuce, tomato, avocado, red onion, aioli, and sourdough toast

  • Smashed avocado - avocado, aubergine 'bacon', tomato salsa, and sourdough toast

Main Menu:

  • Teriyaki chick'n burger - with plum teriyaki, shichimi mayo, kale, pickled red onion and carrot, brioche bun

  • Polish burger - beetroot, white bean, dill, iceberg lettuce, red onion, basil mayo, pickled cabbage, and gherkin, in a brioche bun

  • Soul bowl - quinoa, beetroot, carrot, cherry tomato, dates, parsley, mint, kale, avocado, shiitake mushroom, cashew cheese, mixed sprouts, and seeds in a sesame dressing

  • Levant chick'n kebabs - with Persian lime, butterbeans, fennel, preserved lemon, spinach, whipped tahini

  • Sri Lankan sweet potato and green bean curry with roasted lime cashews, pea basmati rice, and coconut tomato sambal (GF)

  • Parsnip apple sausages, and borlotti bean, parsnip and apple sausages - with mustard mash, cider jus, and caramelised apple

  • Gochujang tofu, clean bean tofu, pak choy, green beans, spring onion, furikake shanghai noodles or black venus rice


Dishoom (Indian Street Food)

8 minute walk

5 Stable Street, London, N1C 4AB

Monday - Wednesday 0800 - 2300; Thursday - Friday 0800 - 0000; Saturday 0900 - 0000; Sunday 0900 - 2300

Vegan starters and desserts available


  • The vegan bombay - spiced akuri, vegan sausages, vegan black pudding, grilled field mushrooms, masala baked beans, grilled tomato and home-made vegan buns

  • Vegan akuri - vegan spiced scrambled eggs, with home-made vegan buns and grilled tomato

  • Soy keema no eedu - spiced soy keema with salli crisp-chips and home-made, toasted vegan buns

  • Vegan sausage naan roll - Freshly baked vegan naan, vegan cheese, chilli tomato jam and fresh herbs, wrapped around vegan sausage

  • Coconut granola - oats, seeds, cashews, almonds, pistachios and cinnamon, roasted in coconut oil. Served with fresh fruits and coconut yoghurt.

  • Date and banana porridge - cooked with soy milk, and sweet Medjool dates

  • Fruit and coconut yoghurt - fresh mango, grapes, strawberries, blueberries and honeydew melon, topped with coconut yoghurt infused with vanilla and topped with toasted seeds

  • Oat chai


  • Chana chaat salad - a tumble of chickpeas, couscous and baby sprouts with fresh pomegranate and pumpkin seeds, with smooth avocado and mint chutney

  • Chili broccoli salad - toasted pistachios and shredded mint leaves with finest, greenest broccoli, fresh red chillies, pumpkin seeds and dates. All is dressed up in lime and chilli

  • Gunpowder potatoes - potatoes with brown skins, smoky grilled, broken apart, with butter, crushed aromatic seeds, and green herbs

  • Vada pau - chip butty with ghati masala, with vegan homemade buns


Itadaki Zen (Vegan Japanese)

8 minute walk

139 King’s Cross Road, London, WC1X 9BJ

Monday - Friday 1200 - 1500; 1800 - 2200; Saturday 1800 - 2200; Sunday: Closed

Vegan starters and dessert available

  • Tendon - vegetable strips tempura rice bowl

  • Bibimbap - a bowl of kanseikan rice, topped with namul (sauteed and seasoned vegetables) and mannayo (chilli pepper paste) or yangnyeom (soy sauce with garlic and ginger)

  • Chapchae - fried noodles made of sweet potato starch cooked with vegetables and shiitake mushrooms

  • Kitsune udon - noodles in a hot original soup,topped with kitsune (fried tofu), spring onions and sesame seeds

  • Kakiage udon - noodles with hot soup, topped with kakiage tempura, spring onions, and sesame seeds

  • Tarmei set

  • Bento box

  • Sushi - 6, 8 or 12 pieces


MeatLiquor (American)

4 minute walk

6 St Chad’s Place, London, WC1X 9HH

Monday - Thursday 1130 - 2300; Friday - Saturday 1130 - 0000; Sunday 1200 - 2100

  • Plant based chili dog - with black bean chili, onions, jalapenos, and French’s mustard

  • Burgerloo - spiced potato, beetroot, and black bean patty, red onions, pickles, lettuce, ketchup and garlic mayo

  • Satan fingers - battered mock chicken fingers, covered in chili sauce, with garlic dip

  • Black bean chili fries - with onion, jalapenos and mustard


Ekachai (South East Asian)

5 minute walk

66 York Way, London, N1 9AG

Monday - Sunday 1200 - 2200

  • Tempe, tofu and spinach noodle soup - vermicelli rice noodles in clear soup with fried tempe, tofu, spinach, and beansprouts

  • Spinach, mushroom and tempe stir fry 

  • Noyona vegetable curry - Malaysian Peranakan style curry with fine beans, potato, tomato, broccoli and tempe in a coconut, turmeric, chilli and coconut milk gravy


Granary Square Brasserie (Brasserie)

7 minute walk

1 Granary Square, London, N1C 4AB

Monday - Friday 1130 - 2230; Saturday 1100 - 2330; Sunday 1100 - 2230 (Kitchen hours for vegan food)

Vegan starters and desserts available

  • Sweet potato Keralan curry - chickpeas, broccoli, coriander and coconut served with rice on the side

  • Quinoa and watermelon salad - roast sweet potato, rocket, baby gem, radish, feuilles de brick crisp, mixed seeds and sesame, with a mint and coriander sauce

  • Jackfruit and peanut bang bang salad - chayote, Chinese leaf, mooli, crispy wonton, peanuts and coriander


German Gymnasium (German)

1 minute walk

Pancras Square, King’s Boulevard, London, N1C 4BU

Monday 1730 - 2300; Tuesday - Saturday 1200 - 1500; 1730 - 2300;

Sunday 1200 - 1500 (Kitchen hours for vegan food)

Vegan starters available

  • Chickpea and lentil burger - with vegan cheddar, romaine lettuce, crispy onions and vegan house sauce

  • Leek and spinach pie - with provencal vegetables and lovage


Franco Manca (Italian)

5 minute walk

62-68 York Way, London, N1 9AG

Monday - Saturday 1200 - 2300; Sunday 1200 - 2200

Vegan starters available

  • Tomato, garlic and oregano pizza

  • Tomato, vegan mozzarella, and basil pizza

Temple of Seitan (Vegan Fast Food)

10 minute walk

103 Camley Street, London, N1C 4PF

Monday - Saturday 1100 - 2100; Sunday 1100 - 1800

  • Temple burger - vegan fillet, Ranch mayo, vegan bacon, vegan cheese, lettuce, and pickles

  • Spicy temple burger - vegan fillet, chipotle mayo, coleslaw, vegan cheese, jalapenos, and Sriracha

  • Nashville hot burger - hot Dipped vegan fillet, vegan ranch mayo, lettuce, and pickles

  • Temple deluxe burger - ¼ pound patty, burger sauce, cheese, vegan bacon, lettuce and pickles

  • BBQ bacon burger - ¼ pound patty, vegan mayo, cheese, vegan bacon, pickles, and house BBQ sauce

  • Temple cheeseburger - ¼ pound patty, mustard, ketchup, cheese, onions, and pickles

  • Twist wrap - two strips, lettuce, tomato, and vegan lemon pepper mayo (available GF)

  • Two piece - two vegan fillets (Original or Hot), plus your choice of vegan mayo

  • Wings - four wings (original, hot dipped, buffalo or BBQ), plus your choice of vegan mayo (available GF)

  • Popcorn bites


Raw Press Cafe (Vegan Cafe)

6 minute walk

Wolf and Badger, Coal Drops Yard, London, N1C 4DG

Monday - Saturday 1000 - 1800; Sunday 1200 - 1800

  • Blueberry maple waffles - with maple syrup and coconut yoghurt

  • Sweetcorn waffles - with pumpkin, turmeric, tomato salsa, smashed avocado and cashew sour cream

  • Blueberry bliss porridge - with oats, almond milk, and maple syrup

  • Chai spiced porridge - with oats, hazelnut milk, chai spice, banana, and dates

  • Avo toast - with chili flakes and mustard seeds (GF)

  • PBJ - toast, nut butter and jam

  • Pad Thai - almond butter sauce, coriander, chili flakes and crushed peanuts

  • Pistachio pesto - with black olives and cherry tomatoes

  • Carbonara - cashew carbonara sauce, coconut bacon and buckwheat groats

  • Falafel pot - with crudites, hummus, seeds, and cashew falafel

  • Bircher pot - with green juice bircher muesli, matcha, apple, chia seeds, almond milk, dates, cinnamon, coconut yoghurt, strawberries, almond butter, pecans, and chocolate rawnola

  • Apple compote - with granola, almond butter, and coconut yoghurt

  • Granola pot - with coconut yoghurt, blueberries, and strawberries

  • Kefir pot - coconut yoghurt, pineapple, mango and passionfruit kefir with dates and granola


Maple and Kings (Juice Cafe)

4 minute walk

1 & 3 Pancras Square, London, N1C 4UR

Monday - Friday 0800 - 1700; Saturday - Sunday: Closed

  • Stuffed avo - chickpea stuffed avo with coriander, lime and chili (GF)

  • Broccoli bowl - with chili garlic roasted broccoli, white cabbage, cherry tomatoes, mangetout, basil kale pesto, and sunflower seeds (GF)

  • Vegan nicoise salad - sliced radish, baby potatoes, green beans, red peppers, olives, spring onions, cauliflower leaves, almond flakes, and dill dijon dressing (GF)

  • My coco salad - grated beetroot and carrot, roasted aubergine, sweetcorn, and coconut tahini dressing (GF)

  • Rise and shine apricot salad - with white cabbage, cucumber, coriander, olive oil, and sea salt (GF)

  • Asian slaw and rice - red cabbage, red rice, carrots, chili, herbs, tahini maple miso tamari dressing (GF)

  • Cauliflower goddess - green goddess tahini basil dressing, turmeric roasted cauliflower, pickled red onion, chickpeas, parsley, and currants (GF)

  • Julius caesar salad - kale, romaine lettuce, mangetout, cabbage, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, and dijon lemon tahini dressing (GF)


Drink, Shop & Do (Cafe)

4 minute walk

9 Caledonian Road, London, N1 9DX

Monday - Friday 1000 - 2230; Saturday - Sunday 1030 - 2230


  • Vegan sausage sandwich 

  • Vegan cheeze toastie

  • Smashed avocado on toast - with rocket and chili oil 

  • Beetroot, avocado and quinoa salad - with walnuts, rocket and balsamic glaze

  • West African chickpea and peanut curry - with white rice


  • Beetroot, avocado and quinoa salad - with walnuts, rocket and balsamic glaze

  • West African chickpea and peanut curry - with white rice

  • Smashed avocado flatbread - with rocket and chili oil 

Saturday - Sunday:

  • Vegan afternoon tea - Bellini and seasonal afternoon tea with soya milk, vine tomato and salsa verde finger sandwiches on white bread, grated carrot and hummus finger sandwiches on beetroot bread, with vegan cakes, brownie and strawberries


Thenga Cafe (Indian Vegetarian)

6 minute walk

120 Cromer Street, London, WC1H 8BS

Monday - Thursday 1000 - 1800; Friday 1000 - 1600; Saturday - Sunday: Closed

  • Vegan thali - changes daily, served with lentils or rice


Pret a manger (Sandwich Bar)

1 minute walk

King’s Cross Station, Euston Road, London, N1 9AP

Monday - Sunday 0500 - 0100 

  • Changing menu of vegan sandwiches and wraps


Abokado (Japanese Cafe)

2 minute walk

280 Pentonville Road, London, N1 9NR

Monday - Friday 0700 - 2100; Saturday - Sunday: Closed


  • Pip and nut peanut butter bagel

Main Menu:

  • Vegan katsu curry - with THIS™ isn’t chicken goujons, sushi rice, fresh carrot, leek, edamame and red chillies

  • Veggie gyoza on brown rice - with fresh vegetables, edamame and our unique sweet chilli & sesame sauce and seed mix

  • Veggie gyoza on sushi rice - with edamame, teriyaki, shichimi chilli powder & mixed sesame seeds

  • Clean and green sushi set -  miso, avocado, cucumber and rocket rolls, veggie dumplings and inari with fresh soy, sesame and ginger dressing

  • Veggie dragon sushi roll - avocado and cucumber dragon dressed with toasted seeds and miso sauce with separate soy and wasabi

  • Vegan poke - veggie gyoza, avocado, pickled cabbage, sesame seaweed, coriander, chilli, lime, cucumber, spinach, courgetti & carrots, crispy onions

  • Vegan katsu nourishing noodle salad - with edamame, pickled cabbage on our nourishing rice noodle and kale base

Star of Kings (Pub)

9 minute walk

126 York Way, London, N1 0AX

Monday - Friday 1200 - 1500; 1700 - 2200; Saturday 1200 - 2200; Sunday 1200 - 1900 (Kitchen hours)

  • *Vegan on request* Vegan veggie cheese burger  - homemade burger patty, burger cheese, gherkins, ketchup and mustard

  • *Vegan on request* Vegan veggie yeah burger - homemade veggie patty, burger cheese, gherkins, yeah! Sauce, and salad 

  • *Vegan on request* Vegan YFS burger - stacked homemade seitan, Asian slaw, lettuce, and mayo

  • *Vegan on request* Vegan OG gosh burger - homemade patty, smoked jackfruit ‘bacon’, cheddar, avocado, garlic and jalapeno aioli and salad

  • *Vegan on request* Vegan don’t go seitan my heart burger - homemade patty, smoked jackfruit ‘bacon’, cheddar, maple mayo, toasted pecans, maple syrup, and lettuce

  • *Vegan on request* The caulifornia - battered cauliflower, smashed avocado, sour cream, hot sauce, pico de gallo and rocket

  • *Vegan on request* The coney island hot dog - smoked seitan frank, ketchup, mustard and crispy onions

  • *Vegan on request* The veggie chili cheese hot dog - smoked seitan frank, veggie chili, cheddar, pickled jalapenos, and pico de gallo


Central Station Public House (Pub)

7 minute walk

37 Wharfdale Road, London, N1 9SD

Monday -Tuesday 1800 - 2200; Wednesday 1200 - 1500; 1700 - 2200; Thursday - Saturday 1700 - 2200;

Sunday 1600 - 2100 (Kitchen hours)

  • Vegan burger - beetroot patty with herbs and spices, served on sauteed mushrooms

Crosstown Doughnuts (Doughnut Market Stall)

1 minute walk

King’s Cross Square, London, N1C 9AL

Monday - Tuesday: Closed; Wednesday - Friday 0800 - 1900; Sunday: Closed

  • Variety of vegan doughnuts available daily


Ruby Violet (Ice Cream Parlour)

8 minute walk

Midland Goods Shed, 3 Wharf Road, London, N1C 4BZ

Monday - Thursday 1100 - 1900; Friday 1100 - 2200; Saturday 1000 - 2200; Sunday 1000 - 1900

  • 5 different sorbets available, flavours change regularly

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