The Potting Shed (British)

2 minute walk

Listed as vegan on the menu

Dorset Square Hotel, 39-40 Dorset Square, London, NW1 6QN

Monday - Saturday 1200 - 2300; Sunday 1200 - 2230 (Kitchen hours for vegan food)

*****Vegan starter available*****

  • Thai green curry - with grilled tofu and stir fried rice

Pizza Hut (Pizza)

5 minute walk

Listed as vegan on the menu

187 Baker Street, London, NW1 6UY

Monday - Sunday 1100 - 2200

*****Vegan dessert available*****

  • Vegan BBQ jack and cheese pizza - violife vegan cheese, BBQ jackfruit, peppers, red onions, sweetcorn, and BBQ drizzle

  • Vegan hot and spicy veg pizza - violife vegan cheese, peppers, jalapenos, red onions, flame roasted peppers, onions, and house seasoning

  • Vegan virtuous veg pizza - violife vegan cheese, spinach, mixed peppers, red onions, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, and rocket

  • Vegan margherita pizza - vegan cheese and tomato

  • Vegan veggie pizza - violife vegan cheese, spinach, sweetcorn, mixed peppers, red onions, and mushrooms

Pret a manger (Sandwich bar)

5 minute walk

Listed as vegan on the menu

211-213 Baker Street, London, NW1 6UY

Monday - Friday 0600 - 2230; Saturday 0600 - 2200; Sunday 0630 - 2100

  • Changing menu of vegan sandwiches and wraps


Wok to Walk (Asian)

6 minute walk

Allergy information listed online

129 Baker Street, London, W1U 6SD

Monday - Sunday 1100 - 2300

  • Vegetable dish - Choose base (vegan base is ‘vegetable dish’), Top with: Tofu; Bok choy; Mushrooms; Mixed peppers; Cashews; Broccoli; Spinach; Mango; Cherry tomatoes; Baby corn; Pineapple; and Bamboo shoots. Add sauce: Tokyo (teriyaki and sweet soy sauce); Hong Kong (sweet and sour sauce); Hot Asia (hot sauce); or Bali (peanut sauce)


The Metropolitan Bar (Wetherspoons Pub)

7 minute walk

Listed as vegan on the menu

7 Station Approach, London, NW1 5LA

Monday - Saturday 0800 - 2330; Sunday 0800 - 2230


  • Vegan breakfast - two Quorn vegan sausages, baked beans, two hash browns, mushroom, tomato, slice of toast, and vegan spread

  • Fresh fruit - apple, banana, blueberries, and strawberries

  • English muffin - with avocado, guacamole and pico de gallo

Main Menu:

  • Jacket potato with baked beans - served with a side salad

  • Jacket potato with 5 bean chili - served with a side salad

  • Jacket potato with roasted vegetables - served with a side salad

  • Quinoa salad - with rice, avocado, black turtle beans, pink cabbage, grilled yellow pepper, Roquito pepper, pumpkin seeds, kale, roasted vegetables and dressing

  • Vegan roasted vegetable pizza - with mushroom, roasted peppers, courgette, onion and basil

  • Vegan burger - with chips

  • Gourmet vegan burger - with avocado, salsa, rocket, and served with chips

  • 5 bean chili - with rice and tortilla chips

  • Sweet potato, chickpea, and spinach curry - with pilau rice, naan bread, and poppadoms

  • *Vegan on request* Vegan sausages, chips and beans

Pizza Express (Pizza)

7 minute walk

Listed as vegan on the menu

133 Baker Street, London, W1U 6SF

Monday - Wednesday 1130 - 2300; Thursday - Saturday 1130 - 0000; Sunday 1130 - 2300

*****Vegan starters and desserts available*****

  • Vegan zucca pizza - butternut squash purée with chilli, sage, garlic and rosemary roast potatoes, sweet Peppadew peppers, spinach, garlic oil, balsamic, rosemary and pine kernels, topped with rocket and chilli oil on a Romana base

  • Vegan giardiniera pizza - artichoke, mushrooms, red onion and black olives, with tomato, vegan mozzarella, garlic oil and parsley on a Romana base

  • Calzone verdure - roasted peppers, aubergine and courgette with spinach, smoky tomato harissa, hot chilli, tomato with garlic, topped with rosemary. Served with salad and balsamic dressing

  • *Vegan on request* Margherita pizza - mozzarella and tomato on a Romana base

  • *Vegan on request* Padana pizza - goat’s cheese, caramelised onion, spinach, red onion, tomato and garlic oil on a Romana base

  • *Vegan on request* Veneziana pizza - pine kernels, red onion, capers, black olives, sultanas, mozzarella and tomato on a Romana base

  • Leggera peperonata - penne pasta with roasted mixed peppers, passata, rosemary, chilli flakes, garlic, rocket and parsley

The Globe (Pub)

7 minute walk

Listed as vegan on the menu

43-47 Marylebone Road, London, NW1 5JE

Monday - Saturday 1000 - 2300; Sunday 1000 - 2130

*****Vegan starter and desserts available*****

  • Supergrain salad - mixed grains, cucumber, carrot, roasted red onion, avocado and minted lemon oil

  • Sweet potato and red pepper sandwich - red pepper, sweet potato kofta, cherry tomatoes, rocket and hummus, served on toasted white bloomer bread

  • Chickpea, red pepper and hoisin burger - miso mixed vegetable and lentil burger with sweet chilli slaw, lettuce and red onion in a poppy seed bun

  • Woodland mushroom and ale pie - roasted woodland mushrooms in a vegan ale sauce, encased in a suet pastry, with chips and garden peas

Bill’s (Cafe)

7 minute walk

Listed as vegan on the menu

119-121 Baker Street, London, W1U 6RY

Monday - Saturday 0800 - 2300; Sunday 0900 - 2230

*****Vegan starters and dessert available*****


  • Yoghurt, granola and berries - with agave syrup


  • Carrot, cashew nut, and mushroom wellington - with butter bean mash, long stem broccoli and rich vegetable gravy 

  • Glow bowl salad - with pea falafel, chickpeas, hummus, roasted butternut squash, long stem broccoli, pickled red cabbage, red pepper tapenade, spinach, miso dressing and grilled flatbread

  • Jackfruit salad bowl - jackfruit tossed in spicy smoked chili sauce with mixed grains and rice, edamame beans, red cabbage, toasted cashew nuts, lettuce, mint and lime yoghurt, finished with a crispy rice cracker

Bella Italia (Italian)

9 minute walk

Listed as vegan on menu

100 Baker Street, London, W1U 6TW

Monday - Saturday 0900 - 2300; Sunday 0900 - 2230

*****Vegan starters available*****

  • Vegan pizza - with tomato, and vegan cheese. Top with choice of: Roast pepper; Red onion; Green chili; Olives; Rocket; Spring onion; or Spinach

  • Mille colori pizza - with roast peppers, onion, courgette, tomato sauce, salsa verde and pine nuts (no cheese). Served with a side salad.

  • Pomodoro Pasta - pasta in a rich tomato sauce

  • Lenticchie - spaghetti with a rich lentil and mushroom ragu

  • Sprialised veg pasta lenticchie - Carrot, golden beetroot & courgette spirals with a rich lentil & mushroom ragù

  • Verde burger - cannellini bean and herb burger patty, with salsa verde, tomato, onion, and lettuce, served with a side salad

  • Risotto funghi - rich mushroom risotto, with pachino tomatoes, rocket, and sweet balsamic glaze

  • Insalata Verde - avocado, green beans, peas, cucumber, mixed leaves, spring onions, salsa verde and pumpkin seeds


Gourmet Burger Kitchen (Burger)

9 minute walk

Listed on menu as vegan

102 Baker Street, London, W1U 6TL

Monday - Saturday 1130 - 2300; Sunday 1130 - 2200

  • Dippy Hippy Burger - homemade, pan-fried bean patty, beetroot and mint hummus, avocado, piquillo pepper, salad and relish, in a sourdough bun (Available GF)

Pure (Healthy Fast Food)

10 minute walk

Listed as vegan on the menu

72 Baker Street, London, W1U 6TA

Monday - Friday 0700 - 2000; Saturday 0800 - 1800; Sunday 0930 - 1630


  • Vegan breakfast bagel - with sautéed mushrooms, avocado puree, vegan mozzarella, vine tomatoes and spinach

  • Toasted bagel with peanut butter

  • Almond milk porridge - served with a choice of: Syrup; Banana; Blueberries; Peanut butter; or Energy crunch

  • Energy crunch bircher - with coconut yoghurt, topped with almonds, pumpkin seeds, dates and toasted coconut

Main Menu:

  • Sweet potato gobi - with spiced sweet potato, cauliflower and kale stew with Pure Slaw, served on wholegrains

  • Hey pesto wrap - with THIS Isn’t Chicken, chargrilled vegetables, vegan pesto, vegan mozzarella, spinach and sundried tomatoes

  • Arrabbiata - THIS™ Isn’t Chicken, arrabbiata sauce and chilli berries on whole wheat tortiglioni pasta with vegan mozzarella

  • Vegan corn chowder - with sweetcorn, roasted red peppers, coconut milk and smoked paprika

  • Thai green lentil - soup with spinach, lemongrass and coconut

  • Planted salad - sweet potato falafel, chargrilled vegetables, sweetcorn, cucumber, super grains, spinach, flaked almonds with cranberries, with lemon & chia dressing

  • This isn’t chicken purrito - THIS™ Isn’t Chicken, natural BBQ sauce, Mexican beans, black burrito rice, roasted sweet potato, tomatoes, spinach and Devil’s dressing, in a wrap

  • Clean greens wrap - roasted sweet potato, avocado, chipotle hummus, tenderstem broccoli, super beans, cos lettuce, spinach and Grandma’s dressing

  • Korean BBQ wrap - BBQ jackfruit, slaw, black sushi rice, avocado, pickle, spinach and peanut butter

  • Falafalo soldier wrap - sweet potato falafel, hummus, slaw, Grandma’s dressing and toasted flaked almonds

  • A bit moorish bowl - sweet potato falafel, hummus, Pure slaw and fruit relish with toasted seeds and super grains

Honest Burger (Burgers)

10 minute walk

Listed as vegan on the menu

31 Paddington Street, London, W1U 4HD

Monday - Thursday 1100 - 2300; Friday - Saturday 1100 - 0000 Sunday 1100 - 2200

  • Plant burger - beyond burger with vegan smoked gouda, chipotle ‘mayo’, mustard, red onion, pickles and lettuce

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