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North Harrow
Fast Food/Cafes

Red Cup Cafe (Cafe)

1 minute walk

33 Station Road, London, HA2 7SU

Monday - Tuesday: Closed; Wednesday - Sunday 0900 - 1500

  • Build your own breakfast - choose from: Hash Browns; Vegan bacon; Mushrooms; Spinach; Vegan sausage; Beans; Grilled tomato; and Toast

  • Red cup house bean burger - with mayo and ketchup

  • Plant based Bangkok Thai burger - with sweet chili sauce

  • The no chick plant burger - with ketchup and mayo

  • Red cup house vegan doner kebab burger - topped with garlic and sriracha sauce

  • The no chick plant premium house burger - with either smoked satay, or Korean gochujang

  • Vegan wrap - with hummus, falafel balls, sriracha sauce, onions, tomatoes, and lettuce

  • Roast Meditteranean veg open tart - basil and maize pastry case, filled with a slow roasted tomato sauce, topped with grilled courgettes, red and yellow peppers, red onions, and cherry tomatoes, topped with a basil and pumpkin seed crumb

  • Vegan doner kebab - house spiced seitan, in a large pitta, with mixed salad, naked slaw, onion, gherkins, and garlic and sriracha sauce

  • Vegan doner fries - with mixed salad, naked slaw, garlic mayo, sriracha, onions, tomatoes, gherkins and crispy onions

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