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Brown and Green: Crystal Palace

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

This lovely cafe was busy and clearly popular with the locals in Crystal Palace, it had a quirky but homely feel to it, the staff were friendly, and the food was so good!

Giant Vegan Breakfast

The breakfast I chose is only available at the Brown and Green on 'The Triangle' in Crystal Palace, but the other locations do the other options listed below.

Vegan options:

The vegan breakfast - vegan harissa sausages, herby tomatoes, mushrooms, pot of beans, hummus, and sourdough toast

The smart butty - slaw, mushroom, avocado, rocket and tomato

Cardamom and apricot granola - with bircher muesli, chia seeds, compote, and fresh seasonal fruit

Cacao and sea salt granola - with bircher muesli, chia seeds, compote, and fresh seasonal fruit

*Vegan on request* The masala breakfast - vegan samosa, dahl, herby tomato, mushroom, masala scrambled tofu, pickles, flatbread and coriander

*Vegan on request* Smashed avocado on sourdough - with rocket, feta, seeds, and tomato

*Vegan on request* Porridge - with yoghurt, seeds, fruit and honey (Not available weekends)

This is 'The Masala Breakfast' (vegan version) where the egg is swapped for scrambled tofu.

This was a full vegan breakfast with an Indian style twist, everything was highly flavoured, the scrambled tofu was made with herbs and spices, the flatbread was doused in herbs and garlic, and the super fresh giant homemade vegan samosa was possibly the best one I've ever had.

Giant vegan samosa

I would definitely recommend these cafes, they didn't cut corners with their food, they made decent sized portions and used fresh ingredients, and I really appreciated the attention to detail with the homemade samosas and flatbreads.


The Triangle,

99 Church Road,

Crystal Palace,


SE19 2PR

Monday - Saturday: 0830 - 1730; Sunday 0930 - 1730

As always these posts are based on places that I've listed on my website - the london vegan food map based on tube stop.

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