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Copper Chimney - Shepherd's Bush

Brand new to the UK, Copper Chimney has brought itself to Shepherd's Bush after having been well established in India since the 1970s. They have the most amazing pictures of their start up venue, placed in a Muriel style outside the toilets upstairs. These days it is an incredibly classy, upmarket looking place, with impeccable decor, and despite it's beauty and gleaming smartness, has a relaxed feel. Check out the ceiling cowbell decor!

They are pretty proud of their house cocktails, which are delicious. We both had non alcoholic ones and they were tasty, had Indian overtones to them, mine was super gingery, zingy and delicious, whilst my friend's was fruity and spicy with a hint of turmeric.

They have a separate vegan menu which you can ask staff for (although it is also marked on their main menu)...

Vegan Starters:


quinoa tossed with fresh sweet corn elevated with the fruitiness of pomegranate kernels


crisped baby spinach, drizzled with our tamarind and mint chutneys


stuffed with a melange of green peas and potato


Orange sweet potatoes grilled in a Tandoor, sprinkled with in-house tangy and hot seasoning


served with puffed rice, veggies, sweet potato, and a tangy chutney


tawa potatoes enjoyed on the streets of north India, tossed in tangy and sweet chutneys, our signature chaat masala, and lime juice OKRA KURKURE

thinly sliced lady fingers, seasoned with a hot and tangy spice mix, served crisp

So many vegan starters to choose from, and it took ages, but we settled on the 'Sweet Potato Bhel', and 'Tandoor Roasted Sweet Potato'.

Sweet Potato Bhel
Tandoor Roasted Sweet Potato

I've always been a bit of a fan of 'Bhel puri' which is what the 'Sweet potato bhel' dish is based on, they've given a classic Indian street food a creative twist, it was beautifully presented, and the tangy tamarind and chutneys were a perfect combo. The sauces had soaked in well at the bottom layers but there was also plenty of crunch from the sev and the puffed rice on top, delicious.

The Tandoor roasted sweet potato was the most gorgeous thing on the menu and gets top marks from me on the taste scale. The sweet potato cubes were marinated in the most delicious tangy sticky spicy sauce, and the sweet potato perfectly roasted, soft but with plenty of bite. Both starters were generous in size, perfect for sharing!

Vegan Mains:


chickpeas soaked in an infusion of tea leaves and a homemade chole spice mix, flavoured with crushed "Anardana" or dried pomegranate.


fresh vegetables tossed with onions in a rich, spiced masala ADRAKI CAULI

florets of crunchy cauliflower seasoned with crushed pepper and fine juliennes of ginger


tender baby potatoes, tossed with aromatic seasoning


yellow lentils cooked with fresh green herbs and sizzling spices, served with a dash of cumin and garlic


berry and turmeric infused basmati rice, lightly seasoned with Indian spices

Bazaar ke chole: This was a delicious chickpea curry in a rich sauce, served in a tall traditional clay pot which looked amazing. It was really tasty, mildly spiced, and authentic tasting without too much oil.

Chowk ke subzi: This was a masala curry of mixed vegetables and onions, all perfectly coated. It was zingy, mild and full of flavour, my favourite of the main courses.

Adraki Cauli: This was a dry curry, with perfectly soft, coated cauliflower florets, cooked so that they fall apart at the bite, again, a slight tangy dish, and really tasty.

Dal Tadka: I'm not the biggest fan of dal, I know some people love it, I'm just a bit indifferent, I know it isn't supposed to be a highly flavoured dish, but I always find them a little bland because of it. I could tell that this was a nice dal, but this dish just wasn't for me and my tastebuds.

The accompanying breads were good, although I found one of them a little too salty.

They also do vegan sorbets in mango or raspberry flavours for dessert, fortunately me and my friend both prefer different flavours so I can show you both. They were both nice sorbets and the perfect palette cleanser after so much flavour.

Price wise the restaurant is really reasonable, the main curries are between £5.95 and £8.95, and for the quality of food, the upmarket appearance of the venue, and how well the food is presented, I can only describe this as good value for money.

Staff were friendly and helpful. This is a perfect modern Indian place to eat out, they've got such a great vegan selection and have made loads of effort not only to make their food tasty, but to put a different spin on Indian classics, I highly recommend it.

Overall Ratings:

Staff: 5/5

Setting: 5/5

Taste: 5/5

Food Presentation: 4/5

Cost: 4/5

Ideal for: Date Night

Number of Vegan Mains: 5

Negatives: None

Would Revisit: Yes

Address: Southern Terrace, Westfield, Ariel Way, London, W12 7GA

Opening Hours: Monday - Thursday 1200 - 2300; Friday - Saturday 1200 - 2330; Sunday 1200 - 2200

As always, these posts are based on places I've visited on - the London Vegan Food Map, based on tube stop, and are my own opinion.

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