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Doughnut Time - Various Locations

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

Doughnut time is a funky new doughnut chain which has suddenly established itself all over our city. I went to visit the Old Street branch which offers an outside countertop service with no seating. The exterior decor is fun, eye catching, and fits in with the Old Street vibe. Doughnuts are beautifully displayed on the side which you need to look at as there wasn't a menu at the front.

Serving Counter

Packaging was so pretty and I was glad it was cardboard rather than plastic.

Staff were okay but pretty indifferent, and service was quick and efficient. Not all their doughnuts were vegan, but they have a very decent selection of ones that are, many of them pretty fancy. I tried 3 of them...

Raspberry Doughnut with Frosting

This raspberry doughnut was so good! The vegan doughnut base tasted great, and had a lovely springy, spongy texture. The thick layer of frosting had dried raspberries scattered over it, so that the tangy raspberry flavour was noticeable throughout. Plus, as well as tasting great, it also looks so beautiful!

Vegan Apple Crumble Doughnut

The apple crumble doughnut wasn't quite as pretty (close call) but it was even more delicious. I love apple crumble anyway so this was an absoute hero of a doughnut for me. It was generously filled with apple sauce (so that most of the doughnut was pretty saucy) and then topped with this crumble like crust that was incredibly sweet, thin but very solid, so it almost felt like it cracked when bitten into, contrasting the soft, springy doughnut perfectly. The overall taste of this doughnut mocked apple crumble really well, best doughnut ever if you're an apple crumble fan!

Last, but not least is the 'Ice Ice Bae Bae', with vanilla buttercream at the base, vegan cookie pieces, chocolate chip cookie dough, and chocolate drizzle. It is delicious and rich and there is so much of the sweet stuff on top! I'd only recommend choosing this one if you have a sweet tooth, and even then it's incredibly indulgent.

My one issue with the place is that although I know that they are in an expensive location, I just cannot abide paying £9 for 2 vegan doughnuts, even when they are an absolutely amazing kind! So although you will almost certainly get a great doughnut, expect it to cost you!

Overall Ratings:

Staff: 3/5

Setting: 4/5

Taste: 5/5

Atmosphere: N/A

Presentation: 5/5

Value: 3/5

Address: 233a Old Street, London. EC1V 9HE

Opening Hours: Monday - Thursday 0800 - 2200; Friday 0800 - 0000;

Saturday 0930 - 0000; Sunday 0930 - 2200

Other Locations (at time of writing):

Notting Hill



Covent Garden

Fleet Street



Bond Street

Upper Street

Fenchurch Street

Finsbury Avenue Square

As always, posts are based on places listed on and are my own opinion.

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