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Hache Burgers - Various Locations

I got invited to go to Hache burgers in Holborn because they've recently had a massive overhaul of their vegan options and now have loads to offer! There's other Hache branches in Balham, Camden, Chelsea, Clapham, and Shoreditch, fingers crossed for more soon!

The place is done out in a modern style. All the hot pink initially reminded me of an R&B nightclub, but because it was broken up with soft lighting, plants and lots of space, instead, it pulled off a more classy vibe.

Vegan Options:



Sally Clarke sourdough or gluten free toast, raspberry, strawberry jam or bitter orange marmalade, and almond butter (available GF)


and fresh berries



Sweet potato & rose harissa mash, cavolo nero, red pesto, red chilli, wild rice, coriander, omega seeds, and coconut yoghurt


Beyond Meat vegan patty, grilled aubergine, smoky semi dried tomatoes, Violife Cheddar, zucchini straws, Rubies in the Rubble mustard mayo, toasted ciabatta bun. Presented in a smoke-filled dome


Beyond Meat vegan patty, Rubies in the Rubble mustard mayo, tomato, rocket, red onion, and a toasted ciabatta bun


Beyond Meat vegan patty, Rubies in the Rubble mustard mayo, tomato, rocket, red onion,Violife Cheddar, and a toasted ciabatta bun


Secret garden burger - plant based burger. panko crusted portobello mushroom, spicy peanut sauce, crisp cavolo nero, avocado, sesame seeds, and a toasted ciabatta bun

The staff were super enthusiastic about the 'Beyond le fume' burger, which arrives in a smoke filled dome, it definitely looked cool, and was really fun, but I'm not sure that it really changed the flavour because I couldn't detect a smokey taste.

The burger itself tasted amazing, the mustard mayo was tangy, creamy and delicious. Plus, I loved that it was served in a ciabatta bun, it made the burger taste fresh and gave it a cool springy feel. Also, bread tastes amazing and for the most part I don't think burgers exploit that enough.

It was also stacked with loads of fresh salad and served with a sweet vegan tomato salsa. Plus, the deep fried zucchini straws that topped it off were such a delicious compliment to the dish and gave it some crunch, whist the layer of aubergine helped make it super juicy.

Just as delicious on the menu was the 'spicy buffalo cauliflower' which was supposed to be a 'small plate' but was huge. It went down easily because it was so delicious but it is not a modest starter! The cauliflower is cooked to a texture where it is super soft and breaks apart instantly when bitten, and marinated in the most gorgeous hot and sour BBQ sauce flavour, then topped off with spring onions. I would recommend even for those that don't normally like cauliflower because both the flavour and the texture have been totally changed for the dish.

Their fries aren't vegan which is a shame, the rest of it was so filling that I ended up not minding so much. I had a salad instead, it was fresh, pretty simple, but tasty, smothered in a zingy lemon dressing.

For those that are still hungry after all that, they've also got a vegan dessert; The 'vegan blondie' (light equivalent of a brownie), and coconut ice cream. Both were delicious, the blondie was very peanutty, and had a crunchy caramelised top layer. It was really tasty but got a bit sickly after a while (possibly because I'd already eaten so much) and I was glad I shared it.

Staff were friendly to us and there was a really good vibe generally about the place, I would definitely go back because above all else, the food was just so tasty. If I went again I'd probably just order the cauliflower and the burger because they were the absolute best and I ate way too much on this visit!

At £13 for the burger (which doesn't come with sides), this is definitely a more expensive restaurant to get a burger in, but wins in terms of value just because it really is so tasty, well thought out and unique.

Overall Ratings:

Staff: 5/5

Setting: 4/5

Taste: 5/5

Food Presentation: 5/5

Value for Money: 4/5

Address: 95-97 High Holborn, London, WC1V 6LF

Opening Hours: Monday - Thursday 0800 - 2230; Friday 0800 - 2300; Saturday 0900 - 2300; Sunday 0900 - 2200

As always, these posts are based on places I've visited on - the London Vegan Food Map, based on tube stop, and are my own opinion.

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