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Healthy Wealthy - Kentish Town

Healthy wealthy is a well established Vegan Indian eatery, which specialises in thalis of various sizes and combinations.

I love Indian food, as a vegetarian growing up, there were always trusted vegetarian Indian places around that my family frequently haunted. I've found that it's a little harder to find vegan Indian food though because of the abundance of ghee in so much of the cooking. Therefore, I'm absolutely thrilled that this place is entirely vegan.

Seating is unfussy, really casual, with bright lighting and a slightly distracting TV in the corner, which was harmlessly blaring out Hare Krishna songs in the corner, and the whole place was really clean.

They have a counter with all the curries and accompaniments ready to go. They have a choice of 2 types of daal, 2 types of rice, and 4 curries so there is a lot to select from.



1 rice, 1 dal, 1 curry, chutney, and a poppadom


1 rice, 2 curries, chutney, and a poppadom


1 rice, 2 curries, 1 salad, chutney and a poppadom


1 rice, 2 curries, 1 salad, 1 chapati/naan, chutney, and a poppadom


1 rice, 1 daal, 2 curries, 1 salad, chutney and a poppadom


1 rice, 1 daal, 4 curries, 1 salad, chutney, and a poppadom

I'm never one to go halves with food, and went for the queen thali, which was served in a traditional steel thali plate.

Between the two of us we tried all the rices and curries, and they were all delicious. The chickpea daal was perfectly cooked, mildly spiced and so warming. The spinach curry was soft and delicious, and the vegetable and the bean curry were just gorgeous. All curries tasted truly authentically Indian, were tasty, not too oily, and perfectly spiced and flavourful. The portions are difficult to judge but a queen thali will leave you very full.

The rice was perfectly cooked with a bit of crisp, the poppadom tasted fresh, and was served as a half portion. The salad was okay, but obviously not the main event, it was nice to have something fresh served with the thali though.

If you fancy any (mostly deep fried sides) then they are also available. We shared a lentil doughnut which wasn't really my thing, but went really well with the chutneys on the table.

The staff were pleasant and attentive, but not chatty. Healthy Wealthy lacks atmosphere but it is a casual eatery and not designed with the intent of having a thriving atmosphere, we were also there on a Monday evening. Plenty of people were popping in to get take aways, so even thought the restaurant was quiet, its clearly popular.

In terms of price, a 'small thali' was £7, and the 'king thali' was £15. The 'Queen thali' (pictured above) was £12 and for the amount of food that we had and the quality, I can't really find fault with that.

Overall Ratings:

Staff: 3/5

Setting: 2/5

Taste: 5/5

Food Presentation: 5/5

Cost: 4/5

Ideal for: Casual bites/take away

Number of Vegan Mains: 6 varieties of daals/curries

Negatives: Lack of atmosphere

Would Revisit: Yes

Address: 10 Brecknock Road, London, N7 0DD

Opening Hours: Monday - Saturday 1030 - 2100

As always, these posts are based on places I've visited on - the London Vegan Food Map, based on tube stop, and are my own opinion.

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