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Indian Veg - Angel

Indian veg is an Indian vegetarian restaurant that has been going for years and years, it now has a ton of vegan stuff which is all labelled, it doesn't have the prettiest exterior but it's pretty distinctive and does what it says on the tin!

Buffet style eating is £8.95, its actually gone up loads in recent years and isn't as much of a bargain as it once was but is still incredibly reasonable for what you get food wise (endless Indian buffet goodness). Take away boxes are also available!

Buffet items change here so I'll just talk about what was there on the day I went, although it changes it usually has relatively similar food out...

Vegan Buffet Items:

Aloo Peas

Spicy Potato Masala

Mixed Vegetable Curry

Chana Dal

Mixed Dal

Brown Rice

White Rice

Pillau Rice

Onion Bhaji

Onion Pakora

There was actually only one thing that wasn't vegan at the buffet and that was paneer curry. Everything else that day was totally vegan....and of course, I tried it all!

Let's start off by saying that absolutely all of it was incredibly tasty, but since there were so many flavours I'm going to talk about my favourites.

The mixed veg curry came out on top as it was just so flavourful, had so much different veg in it, and tasted authentic, I also loved the dal and the aloo peas. The potato masala was plainer in comparison and went well with everything but in retrospect I definitely took too much of it. The bhaji and pakoras were perfectly crunchy and delicious and were great dipped in the dal.

The restaurant itself is not pretty, Staff don't seem to care much about presentation, so don't be surprised if there's random catering boxes in between tables, the unused tables are untidy, and in my visit during quiet time, half the lights were turned off in areas where people weren't sitting.

There's also a load of vegetarian propaganda on the walls, which are kind of entertaining and old fashioned, but Indian Veg has been this way for so long that it's actually quite endearing. Nothing feels more ironic than eating greasy (but delicious) Indian food, topped with deep fried bhaji and pakoras, whilst completely surrounded by posters stating how good being vegetarian is for you (obviously I think veggie diets are excellent for you in general!)

Staff aren't friendly or welcoming, staff waved a hand in the direction of the seating when I arrived and didn't really speak, and they stayed behind the counter until I went back to pay, they aren't rude at all, just not interactive.

Despite some quirky service and decor, I really recommend this place for a relatively cheap casual feed. You will get copious amounts of delicious Indian food for a totally reasonable price!

Overall Ratings:

Staff: 2/5

Setting: 1/5

Taste: 5/5

Food Presentation: 3/5

Value for Money: 5/5

Address: 92-93 Chapel Market, London, N1 9EX

Opening Hours: Monday - Sunday 1200 - 2330

As always, these posts are based on places I've visited on - the London Vegan Food Map, based on tube stop.

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