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Kin + Deum: London Bridge

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Kin + Deum is an omni Thai place with several vegan options (clearly labelled). It’s rare to find an independent restaurant in London Bridge that is both unassuming and serves up amazing food.

It's modern looking and stylish interiors were clean looking and manned by friendly and attentive staff.

Vegan options at Kin + Deum:

Coconut lemongrass salad - with green leaves, carrots, cashew nuts, red onions, lemongrass and toasted desiccated coconut, served with our organic maple garlic dressing

Bank's Massaman Curry - A slow-simmered subtle curry of cinnamon, star anise, bay leaves, potatoes and cashew nuts

Traditional Green Curry - pounded green chillies with bamboo shoots, red chillies, peppers and fresh basil leaves, with tofu and fresh vegetables

Panang Curry - A nuttier curry made of dried red chilies and ground peanuts, with bamboo shoots, peppers and fine kaffir lime leaves

Vegan Thai Green Curry with Fresh Veg and Tofu

I chose the Vegan Thai green curry with tofu and veg, it was amazing, packed with tofu and crunchy broccoli, and so much other veg. It managed to obtain that mix of subtle coconut, spices, and fish flavour that so much vegan Thai food misses out on. The vegan fish sauce they used was incredible.

So happy with my Thai Green Curry

Kin + Deum

2 Crucifix Lane,



Monday - Friday: 1200 - 1500; 1730 - 2230

Saturday - Sunday: 1200 - 2230

As always these posts are based on places that I've listed on my website - the london vegan food map based on tube stop.

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