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Unity Diner: Old Street

Unity Diner is a vegan restaurant located between Old Street and Shoreditch High Street Stations. It's tucked away in a leafy square away from the hustle and bustle of the area. It is a non-profit restaurant that feeds what it makes back into two animal charities, Surge, which is an animal rights charity and another, which is developing a rescue sanctuary.

Unity diner looks clean, has a modern industrial interior and feels casual. This is probably in part due to the the friendly staff, I met one waitress and the manager and they were both super attentive.

Bright, modern setting

Vegan Options:

Breakfast (only available at weekends)

  • The chocolate waffle stack - with chocolate sauce, banana and berries

  • Chicken waffle stack - with breaded seitan and maple syrup

  • The full english breakfast - farmhouse sausage, scrambled tofu, baked beans, roasted mushrooms, grilled tomato, vegan bacon, potato wedges, toast, and salad garnish

Main Menu:

  • Loaded fries (serves 2) - topped with melted vegan cheese, fried onions, grilled veg, spring onions, pomegranate, chives, with goji berry sauce and seeds (GF)

  • Dirty Nachos (serves 2) - tortilla chips topped with vegan beef, melted cheese, crispy onions, tomatoes, jalapenos, and guacamole (GF)

  • The UD caesar salad - shredded vegan chicken, crispy lettuce, cheeze, massaged curly kale, and fresh tomatoes, topped with UD caesar dressing

  • The surge burger - cashew and mushroom patty, layered with grilled courgette, caramalised red onions, green pesto, ranch mayo, beef tomato and baby gem, in a charcoal brioche bun (available GF)

  • The seitan chicken burger - breaded seitan, layered with grilled peppers, mango salsa, gherkins, hot buffalo sauce, mustard mayo, and rocket, in a pretzel bun

  • The moving mountains burger - juicy b12 patty, layered with melted vegan cheese, fried onions, grilled peppers, sun dried tomato pesto, basil mayo, beef tomato, and rocket in a pretzel bun

  • Classic New York hot dog - moving mountains hot dog on a poppyseed bun, with ketchup, mustard, and caramalised onions

  • The surf and turf dog - moving mountains hot dog on a poppyseed bun, with ranch sauce, mayo, lettuce, tomatoes, and topped with tempura fried shrimp

  • The supreme dog - moving mountains hot dog, wrapped in bakon, in a poppyseed bun, with mayo, topped with UO mac and cheeze

  • The goodness bowl - seasonal bowl of the day, with grains, seasonal sauteed/roasted veg, sweet potato and hummus

  • The UO tofish and chips - with tartar sauce, paprika chips and mushy peas

They also have loads of starters and a large selection of desserts.

The Surge Burger

As you can probably see, this was an incredibly loaded burger! The patty itself felt super healthy, it had a really similar taste to nut roast, and the sauces and caramelised onions balanced out the dryness well. It didn't come with chips or any other sides which I didn't realise whilst ordering. However, I was very full by the end and wouldn't have wanted any more. I had hot dog envy from looking at the next table and will definitely try those next time!

Staff: 5/5

Setting: 5/5

Atmosphere: 4/5

Presentation: 5/5

Taste: 4/5

Address: 5 Hoxton Market, London, N1 6HG

Opening Hours:

Monday: Closed

Tuesday 1200 - 2200

Wednesday - Friday 1200 - 2330

Saturday 1000 - 2330

Sunday 1000 - 2200

As always these posts are based on places I've listed on - the London Vegan Food Map based on tube stop.

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