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Yaalu Yaalu - Harringay Green Lanes

Sri Lankan haven Yaalu Yaalu sits right by Harringay Green Lanes Overground station, recently it's been experimenting with vegan cuisine so I took a friend to investigate...

Yaalu Yaalu has natural looking exposed brick work and wood throughout, and it's decorated with lovely ethnic accents. It's minimal, warm and classy looking.

They've not only branched into a vegan menu, they also offer vegan brunch at the weekends.

Vegan Options:



coconut milk rice with jackfruit and caramalised onion chutney


blended green leaves in savoury rice porridge, served with roti and sweet coconut juggery 

Main Menu:


Asian spinach leaves, slow cooked with garlic, onions and spices, finished with shredded coconut (GF)


crunchy okra, stir fried with tomatoes, onions, spices and curry leaves (GF)


shredded beetroot cooked Sri Lankan style (GF)


young jackfruit cooked in authentic village style (GF)


chickpeas boiled and stir fried in spices and coconut chunks (GF)


potatoes cooked with spices and curry leaves (GF)


lotus root curry cooked in coconut milk (GF)


cashew nut and green bean curry infused with spices (GF)


We couldn't decide between all the options so we let the waiter pick 4 of his favourite vegan dishes for us, and ended up with; Mallum, Ladies fingers; Root in the pond; Malwana, and two types of rice on the side.

The serving plates arrived with banana leaves on them which was such a lovely way to present the food.

Not only was it presented beautifully, the food was all absolutely incredible. I've been to Sri Lanka and actually this was better than any of the food there (this is a huge compliment because Sri Lankan food is amazing).

The cashew nut curry and root in the pond curry were cooked in very similar sauces, which were rich, creamy, had loads of coconut and a gentle spice. I love cashew nuts and the subtle nutty flavour really complimented the coconut. The lotus root was also such a lovely texture, similar to potato.

The lady fingers were soft but not at all slimy, it was a lightly spiced dry curry, drizzled in oil but felt perfectly healthy, the other veg cooked alongside it added crunch and texture, we loved it.

The mallum curry had leaves that were wilted to a soft texture, with loads of grated coconut, and a fiery spice.

My two favourites were most definitely the cashew nut curry and lady finger curry, but it would be really hard to go back and not order all of them again because it all just tasted incredible!

Staff were sweet, attentive and clearly cared about the food, the vegan sharing dishes were £4-£7. When I hear 'sharing dishes' I think of tiny tapas style plates, which these certainly weren't, so price wise it was totally reasonable. I would definitely both recommend and go back, it was such a lovely restaurant.

Overall Ratings:

Staff: 4/5

Setting: 5/5

Taste: 5/5

Food Presentation: 5/5

Value for Money: 5/5

Address: 429 Green Lanes, London, N4 1HA

Opening Hours: Monday - Thursday 1200 - 2300; Friday - Saturday 1200 - 0000; Sunday 1200 - 2300

As always, these posts are based on places I've visited on - the London Vegan Food Map, based on tube stop, and are my own opinion.

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