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Yeda - Covent Garden


Type of Venue: Vegan Cafe

Fully Vegan: Yes

Practical Information:

Address: 55 Neal Street, London, WC2H 9PJ

Opening Hours: Monday - Wednesday 1200 - 1800;

Thursday - Saturday 1000 - 2000; Sunday: Closed

Nearest Tube Stops: Covent Garden, Tottenham Court Road

Food Review:

Yeda have a large menu, plus additional specials so there is lots to choose from, I was very taken by the Wow-ffle, which is the most experimental and unusual thing on the menu. Made out of a huge sweet potato waffle base, it is then topped with BBQ jackfruit, coleslaw, crispy onions and seaweed.

It was sweet, and tangy, the crunchy slaw, onions and seaweed next to the soft bases gave it a contrast of textures, and the texture and smokiness of the BBQ jackfruit made it taste slightly meaty. The seaweed on top was really nice too, adding an Asian twist to the overall flavour. It's hard to tell from the picture but the waffle was huge (and really filing). I would have liked a few sauces to go with it as by itself it was a bit dry, when I started adding in the coconut yoghurt from our other meal, it turned into the perfect dish.

We also tried a quesadilla which was a special that day, made using vegan cheese, roasted vegetables, and served with a side of salsa, guacamole, and coconut yoghurt.

It doesn't look like the fanciest meal, but it tasted great. The vegan cheese melted well, and the sauces were delicious with it. The coconut yoghurt dip was my favourite, they'd added chives to it which gave it such a tasty and different edge. The salsa was so fresh, and the guacamole was simple and a little plain but tasted great when combined with the other sauces.

Overall, this was a very tasty, simple and hearty lunch. My one disappointment was that they served the sauces in plastic pots even when eating in. It's designed so that you can also take it out but I still think this is a bit unnecessary for sit down meals.

Vegan Food Menu:


Tomato tortilla, beetroot hummus, and chipotle mayo


Squash, orzo, quinoa, guac, and spinach


Chipotle mayo, basil, and sundried tomatoes


Falafel, tabbouleh, beetroot, and hummus


Tofu, edamame, kimchi, and tamari


Mozzarella, pesto and rocket


Beetroot bread, gouda, and smoky aubergine


Butternut squash and smoky coconut flakes


Sweet potato waffle, slaw, BBQ jackfruit, and crispy onions


Falafel, cucumber raita, and pitta bread


Chickpeas, coconut yoghurt, and brown rice



The interior is modern, spacious and has fun accents in the decor, it gives off a laid back, chilled vibe. There were some people there with laptops working, groups of friends, and individual local workers coming in for a quick lunch.

There isn't loads of seating upstairs, which is quite nice, it is very open and doesn't have the feel of somewhere that's added as many tables as possible so that everyone's on top of each other. There's additional seating downstairs that looked a bit more cosy.


Staff were friendly, fast and easy to talk to. They were a brand new cafe when I went to see them (only 2 months old) and the staff seemed genuinely enthusiastic about the place. It hasn't got a homely vibe, the feel is definitely more fast paced with a quick service.


Staff: 4/5

Setting: 2/5

Taste: 4/5

Food Presentation: 4/5

Best for: A quick lunch

Negatives: lack of seating (even though there is additional seating downstairs, on a busy day it would run out quickly)

Number of Vegan Mains: At least 12 (additional specials each day)

Cost: Reasonable considering the central location (ranges from £5.50 for a wrap to £7.25 for a prepared main course

Would return: yes, if in the area and needing a quick lunch

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