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Young Vegans - Camden Town

Infamous totally vegan pie and mash shop, Young Vegans in Camden Town Market sits at the end of a strip of Market shops, so is a little more peaceful and a bit out of the way of the camden bustle. I wanted to show you it's Victorian exterior which is gothic, but so pretty!

Inside is a simple serving counter, and service is fast and within seconds, no buzzer required!

Young vegans has a market stall set up, there are a few seats inside, in case outside is too miserable or too freezing!

One thing which isn't so fun outside is that you will get hassled by very sweet looking but very persistent birds, who clearly love vegan pie!


THE AUSSIE PIE Vegan mince meat and onions in a rich gravy topped with buttery puff pastry.

VEGAN CHEESEBURGER PIE Big fat beef burger style patty topped with our cheese, sweet tomato relish and gherkins

VEGAN CHICKEN KATSU CURRY PIE Tender vegan chicken cutlets cooked in Japanese curry.

VEGAN CHICKEN PARMIGIANA PIE Succulent vegan chicken cooked in our marinara sauce and topped with cheese

VEGAN STEAK AND ALE PIE Tender chunks of our vegan steak marinated in a rich dark ale

SWEET AND SOUR CHICK’N Vegan chicken goujons, chunky onions and sweet peppers in our sweet and sour sauce.

I opted for the cheeseburger pie, with a side of mash, and it was delicious! The pie crush was crispy, the burger style filling was juicy and the whole thing was subtly cheesy, which made for a delicious combination. It sounds really unorthodox to have gherkins inside pie, but now I've had it once, I want it always! It worked so well. Plus, their slightly sticky gravy added just the right amount of moistness.

I'm not the biggest mash fan, but really thought it would go better with the pie than the chips, I didn't regret my choice, it went so well! It wasn't a particularly buttery mash, they kept it simple, and by itself I wouldn't have been blown away by it, but it was the perfect accompaniment. Loved the touch of the crispy onions on top too, absolutely delicious!

Overall Ratings:

Staff: 3/5

Setting: 4/5

Taste: 5/5

Food Presentation: 5/5

Value for Money: 4/5

Would return? Yes

Number off vegan mains: 6

Best for: A sunny quick lunch

Negatives: The birds in camden who will try and steal your food!

Address: Camden Market, 60 Camden Lock Place, London, NW1 8AF

Opening Hours: Monday - Sunday 1100 - 2000

As always, these posts are based on places I've visited on - the London Vegan Food Map, based on tube stop, and are my own opinion.

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