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West Finchley

Rani (Indian Vegetarian)

10 minute walk

7 Long Lane, Finchley, London, N3 2PR

Monday - Friday 1100 - 1500; 1800 - 2300; Saturday - Sunday 1200 - 1600; 1800 - 2300

Vegan starters available

  • Matar gobi - cauliflower florets and garden peas slow cooked with mild spices and freshly chopped coriander curry

  • Banana methi - ripe bananas and fresh fenugreek leaves cooked with a richly spiced tomato gravy

  • Lilotri sak - slow cooked Kenyan aubergines, broad beans, green beans, peas and potatoes with subtle spices

  • Chola - black eye bean curry mildly spiced with cinnamon, cloves, root ginger and fresh coriander

  • Rani aloo - mildly spiced potatoes cooked with roasted lentil and cashew nuts

  • Chana - chickpeas prepared in a delicately spiced tomato and tamarind gravy

  • Mutar chatri - mushroom and pea curry prepared with onions, garlic, ginger and coriander

  • Bombay aloo - potato curry cooked in a tomato gravy with turmeric and jeera spices

  • Undhia - aubergine, peas, guvar, valour, tindora, pigeon peas, and potato, slow cooked with fried fenugreek balls

  • Aubergine and potato - Kenyan aubergines and potato slow cooked with, spices, ground peanuts and coriander

  • Sakara sak - sweet potato cooked in coconut milk curry, flavoured with aromatic spices


Michaels Brasserie (Brasserie)

10 minute walk

1 Sussex Ring, Woodside Park, London, N12 5HY

Monday: Closed; Tuesday - Sunday 1000 - 1700

Vegan dessert available

  • Loaded smoked aubergine - topped with grilled tomatoes, garlic oil, garlic, fresh herbs, chili and spices. Served with a side salad

  • Roasted cauliflower - served with tahini, pomegranate, and fresh herbs

  • Artichoke heart - served with olive oil, garlic, and pomegranate dressing

  • Quinoa detox salad - with green beans, butternut squash, sweet potato, mixed herbs, and a pomegranate balsamic dressing

  • Bulgur salad - with chopped tomato, fresh herbs, cucumber, red onion, grated cauliflower, pomegranate, seeds, and tahini and lemon dressing

  • Lentil carb kick salad - with sweet potato, avocado, pecan nuts, arugula, celery, chives, and a date honey dressing

  • Meditteranean salad - hummus, falafel, chopped salad, baked pitta, pickles and green tahini

  • Falafel wrap - with chopped salad, hummus, tahini and pickles

  • Hummus - with pickles, fresh parsley, olive oil, and baked pitta bread. Served with a choice of: Falafel; Masabacha; Avocado and chili; or Smoked aubergine and chili dressing

Ask (Italian)

22 minute walk

Great North Leisure Park, Chaplin Square, North Finchley, N12 0GL

Monday - Saturday 1130 - 2300; Sunday 1130 - 2200

Vegan starters and dessert available

  • Vegan pizza - choose 3 toppings to add to a tomato and vegan mozzarella base. Choose from; marinated artichokes; Sauteed mushrooms; Grilled aubergines; Caramelised onions; Roasted red peppers; or Olives

  • Vegan super green pizza - pea puree base, topped with baby kale, asparagus, peas, red pepper pearls, spinach, balsamic red onions, and vegan mozzarella 

  • Vegan spaghetti al pomodoro - garlic, tomato and basil in a rich tomato sauce

  • Vegan penne arrabiata

  • Vegan Fettuccine con verde - flat ribbon pasta with courgettes, oven roasted tomatoes, and spinach, seasoned with garlic, chilli and olive tapenade

  • Vegan spaghetti lentil ragu - with mixed vegetables

  • Vegan Meditteranean salad - balsamic onion and vegan mozzarella crostinis, baby kale, cos lettuce, artichokes, plum tomatoes, and red pepper pearls, in a sweet mustard dressing

Fast Food/Cafes

Meera’s Xpress (Indian Cafe)

10 minute walk

143 - 145 Ballards Lane, Finchley, London N3 1LJ

Monday - Thursday 1100 - 2130; Friday - Saturday 1100 - 2200; Sunday 1100 - 2130

Vegan starters available

  • Pani puri

  • Bhel puri

  • Aloo papdi chaat

  • Bhindi masala 

  • Masala dosa

  • Special masala dosa

  • Idli sambhar

  • Uttapam onion/tomato/chili

  • Spicy masala uttapam

  • Chilli mushroom

  • Veg chow mein

  • Veg manchurian

  • Chili tofu

  • Veg haka noodles

  • Meera’s special noodles

  • Szechuan noodles

  • Crispy fry noodles


Pizza Hut (Pizza)

21 minute walk

Finchley Leisure Development, Leisure Way, Finchley, London, N12 0QZ

Monday - Thursday 1130 - 2200; Friday - Saturday 1130 - 2330; Sunday 1130 - 2200

Vegan dessert available

  • Vegan all about mushrooms pizza - tomato sauce, violife cheese, closed cap mushrooms, and garlic mushrooms

  • Vegan virtuous veg pizza - violife vegan cheese, spinach, mixed peppers, red onions, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, and rocket

  • Vegan margherita pizza - vegan cheese and tomato

  • Vegan BBQ jack and cheese pizza - violife vegan cheese, BBQ jackfruit, peppers, red onions, sweetcorn, and BBQ drizzle

  • Vegan veggie pizza - violife vegan cheese, spinach, sweetcorn, mixed peppers, red onions, and mushrooms

  • Vegan hot and spicy veg pizza - violife vegan cheese, peppers, jalapenos, red onions, flame roasted peppers, onions, and house seasoning

Nandos (Fast Food Chicken)

21 minute walk

Leisure Way, Unit 2, Great North Leisure Park, Chaplin Square, Finchley, Greater London, N12 0GL

Monday - Sunday 1130 - 2130

Vegan starters available

  • The great imitator wrap - vegan chicken made from pea protein. Served with plant-based garlic perinaise, lettuce and chilli jam

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