Buns (Burgers)

8 minute walk


339 West End Lane, London, NW6 1RS

Monday - Wednesday 1800 - 2200; Thursday 1800 - 2230; Friday 1800 - 2300; Saturday 1200 - 2300;

Sunday 1200 - 2100

  • Vegan cheese guru burger - vegan cheese, homemade guacamole, baby mixed leaves, tomato, roasted bell peppers, and hummus, served in a pink bun with rosemary fries

  • Vegan chick burger - vegan chicken, homemade guacamole, baby lettuce, tomato, chipotle vegan mayo, served in a vegan pink beetroot bun, with rosemary salted skin on fries

  • Vegan hail the cheese burger - beyond meat plant based patty, vegan cheese, lettuce, tomato, homemade pickled red onion, vegan smoked mayo, and ketchup, served in a vegan pink beetroot bun, with rosemary salted skin on fries

  • The vegan heaven burger - beyond meat plant based patty, red chard and baby mixed leaves, tomato, crispy onion flakes, homemade guacamole, homemade salsa, served in a vegan pink beetroot bun, with rosemary salted skin on fries

Firezza (Pizza)

4 minute walk


255 West End Lane, London, NW6 1XN

Monday - Thursday 1700 - 2300; Saturday - Sunday 1200 - 0000

  • Pizza alla zucca - pumpkin cream base, vegan chorizo, vegan cheese, red onions, red friarielli and artichokes

  • Carne vegana pizza - vegan cheese, tomato sauce, basil, vegan chorizo, vegan chicken, roasted mixed vegetables and rocket leaves

  • Vegan pollo BBQ pizza - smoked BBQ sauce, vegan cheese, vegan chicken, red onion, and sweet red peppers

  • Vegan margherita - tomato sauce, fresh basil, olive oil, and vegan cheese

  • Vegan pollo picante pizza - with vegan chicken, roasted red peppers, fresh basil, red onion, red chili, tomato sauce, and vegan cheese

  • Spinaci pizza - baby spinach leaves, vegan cheese, tomato sauce, olive oil, sweet peppers, red onions and fresh red chili

  • Create your own pizza - add up to 3 ingredients to tomato, basil and vegan cheese base


Banana Tree (Indo-Chinese)

3 minute walk


237-239 West End Lane, London, NW6 1XN

Monday - Saturday 1200 - 2300; Sunday 1200 - 2230

Vegan starters available

  • *Vegan on request* Singapore Laksa - rice noodles in coconut broth, with aubergine, tofu and beansprouts. Garnished with coriander, and crispy shallots

  • *Vegan on request* Blackened monks noodles - vegan wok tossed rice noodles with vegetables and vegan bites, cooked in blackened sauce, served with sweetcorn fritter balls,sesame rice cracker, and Viet pickle

  • *Vegan on request* Bun bo noodle salad - rice noodles with fresh herbs, crushed nuts, crispy shallots, sesame rice cracker, with nuoc cham sauce, and a spring roll

  • *Vegan on request* Phad Thai - wok fried rice noodles in tamarind, eggs, bean sprouts, peanuts, crispy shallots, and prawn crackers

  • *Vegan on request* Classic sweet and sour stir fry - with pineapples, peppers, omatoes, broccoli, and onion

  • *Vegan on request* Tamarind Spicy Aubergine -  with peppers, carrots, spicy bean paste, garlic & ginger 

  • *Vegan on request* Chili, kaffir lime leaf, and cashew nuts - with green beans, bamboo shoots, and a spiced paste made from lemongrass, kaffir lime leaf and chillies

  • *Vegan on request * Thai green curry - with sweet basil, lime leaves, broccoli, baby corn, peppers, bamboo shoots, and coconut milk

  • Vegan coconut kari - vegan bites, aubergine, tofu, and bamboo shoots, all cooked in a Malaysian red curry paste


Rossopomodoro (Italian)

9 minute walk


O2 Centre, 255 Finchley Road, London, NW3 6LU

Monday - Thursday 1200 - 2300; Friday - Saturday 1200 - 2330; Sunday 1200 - 2200

  • Spaghetti pomodoro e basilico - with tomatoes, fresh basil, and extra virgin olive oil

  • Pizza marinara - Tomato sauce, garlic, oregano, and basil (no vegan cheese/other cheese) (GF available)

  • Ortolana vegan pizza - vegan cheese, Italian plum tomato sauce, aubergines, courgettes, peppers, pine nuts, capers, black olives, capers, basil and oregano

  • Picciosa vegan pizza - plum tomato sauce, vegan cheese, artichokes, black olives, mushrooms, borlotti beans, and basil


Feng Sushi (Japanese)

8 minute walk


280 West End Lane, London, NW6 1LJ

Monday - Thursday 1200 - 1500; 1700 - 2200

Friday 1200 - 1500; 1700 - 2230; Saturday 1200 - 2230; Sunday 1200 - 2200

  • *Sushi* 6 cucumber maki with sesame 

  • *Sushi* 6 avocado maki with sesame

  • *Sushi* 8 green goddess maki - wakame seaweed, cucumber, avocado, mizuna and chives, rolled in anorifurikake

  • *Sushi* crispy yasi - carrot, cucumber, asparagus, avocado, sweet teriyaki, and crispy shallots


Gourmet Burger Kitchen (Burger)

7 minute walk


331 West End Lane, London, NW6 1RS

Monday - Saturday 1100 - 2300; Sunday 1100 - 2200

  • Californian burger - bean patty, vegan cheddar, smashed avocado, harissa mayo, paprika onions, relish, and salad


Pizza Express (Pizza)

10 minute walk


O2 Centre, Finchley Road, London, NW3 6LU

Monday - Saturday 1130 - 2300; Sunday 1130 - 2200

Vegan starters and dessert available

  • Vegan zucca pizza - butternut squash purée with chilli, sage, garlic and rosemary roast potatoes, sweet Peppadew peppers, spinach, garlic oil, balsamic, rosemary and pine kernels, topped with rocket and chilli oil on a Romana base

  • Vegan giardiniera pizza - artichoke, mushrooms, red onion and black olives, with tomato, vegan mozzarella, garlic oil and parsley on a Romana base

  • Calzone verdure - roasted peppers, aubergine and courgette with spinach, smoky tomato harissa, hot chilli, tomato with garlic, topped with rosemary. Served with salad and balsamic dressing

  • *Vegan on request* Margherita pizza - mozzarella and tomato on a Romana base

  • *Vegan on request* Funghi di bosco pizza - portobello mushrooms, garlic, tomato, parsley and cheese

  • *Vegan on request* Padana pizza - goat’s cheese, caramelised onion, spinach, red onion, tomato and garlic oil on a Romana base

  • *Vegan on request* Veneziana pizza - pine kernels, red onion, capers, black olives, sultanas, mozzarella and tomato on a Romana base

  • Leggera peperonata - penne pasta with roasted mixed peppers, passata, rosemary, chilli flakes, garlic, rocket and parsley

Have an Avo (Cafe)

12 minute walk


100 Fortune Green Rd, West Hampstead, London, NW6 1DS

Monday - Friday 0730 - 1700; Saturday 0800 - 1700; Sunday 0830 - 1700


  • Power pancake - with vegan vanilla protein, rice flour, soy yogurt, and fruit medley

  • Vegan granola bowl - with berries, nuts, flakes, and mixed seeds, topped with vegan yoghurt

  • Vegan hearty porridge - with oat milk, apple, ground super seeds, berries, and peanut butter

Main Menu:

  • Our avo salad - avocado, cucumber, mixed leaves and nuts with gama dressing

  • Avo poke bowl - seeded avocado, edamame, carrots & beetroot on sushi rice with sesame & yuzu soy

  • Wellness bowl - Moroccan falafels, sweetcorn, spinach, sweet potato wedges, edamame & pickled ginger and quinoa, with sesame & garlic olive oil

Rosa’s Thai Cafe (Thai)

1 minute walk


152a West End Lane, London, NW6 1SD

Monday - Thursday 1200 - 2230; Friday - Saturday 1200 - 2300; Sunday 1200 - 2230

Vegan starters available

  • Butternut red curry - with sweet basil & butternut squash

  • Rosa’s green curry - with mixed vegetables, tofu, aubergine, bamboo shoots & Thai basil


Gail’s Bakery (Cafe)

5 minute walk


216 West End Lane, London, NW6 1UX

Monday – Sunday 0700 – 1500 (Kitchen hours)

  • Roasted vegetables and tahini on flatbread - with roasted peppers, aubergines, courgettes, red onions and homemade green tahini 

  • Sweet potato and cauliflower cake - with pickled beetroot and jalapeno aioli on a seeded potato roll 

  • Vegetable cake bowl - with raw cauliflower salad and a green tahini dressing

  • Raw courgette, pistachio and coriander pesto salad - with rocket, radicchio, mint and celery

Nandos (Fast Food Chicken)

5 minute walk


252-254 West End Lane, West Hampstead, London, NW6 1LU

Monday - Sunday 1130 - 2130

Vegan starters available

  • The great imitator wrap - vegan chicken made from pea protein. Served with plant-based garlic perinaise, lettuce and chilli jam

The Black Lion (Pub)

7 minute walk


295-297 West End Lane, London, NW6 1RD

Monday - Friday 1200 - 2200; Saturday 1100 - 2200; Sunday 1200 - 2130 (Kitchen hours)

  • Vegan burger - with vegan cheese, carrot & apricot chutney, gem, and skin-on-fries

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